WCJM Is Stuck In Your Head

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Part 1: The first part of the show with E.L.O, Edward the non-midget pun artist, R.E.M., and Dr. Keck!

Part 2: The second part of the show with Bob Dylan, The Price is Right Skit, Pearl Jam, a tribute to Dave, Useless News, and Ray Parker Jr.!

Part 3: The third part of the show with Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, Traffic, News, and Weather, Intermission, the Beach Boys, My That’s Interesting, AC/DC, Alberto’s Top Ten, and Jim and Chris’s “Walkin’ in the Dark”!

Part 4: The fourth part of the show with Ronco, the Verve Pipe, two award show skits, Paul McCartney, the Food Critic, and Blind Melon.

Part 5: The fifth part of the show with a George Carlin routine, Absolutely Nothing promo, Green Day, Traffic, News and Weather, Stuffy D. Bear, and classic songs that get stuck in your head!

After a long time without a show, the first show with all seven cast members was put on. On Saturday, July 28, Jim planned on having Jeff Copperthite and Chris Moore over. But then, Jim figured, why not get the rest of the cast over? Alberto had broken his wrist a week earlier and had nothing better to do, and Mike was already in the house. All that was needed was Dave and Matt. So, the night before, Jim called Dave (who wasn’t home). Dave called back later and agreed to do the show. Jim then called Matt, who agreed to do the show as well.

Jim and Jeff went to Radio Shack to get another microphone splitter in order to get everyone their own microphone. (Matt was soft throughout the show, although he can still be heard through most). Chris and Alb were fifteen minutes late (they were due at twelve), but that didn’t matter- Dave wouldn’t be there until four-o-clock! So, the cast sat down and set up the show and talked until Dave arrived. Four-o-clock came around, but Dave didn’t! He was caught up at the airport at a flying lesson, so the cast had to start without him. But Mike did a great impression of Dave and covered for his absence. Dave arrived about a half an hour later and completed the seven-member cast.

Other than Matt being very soft, the show went perfectly! No mess-ups and perfect timing rounded out the longest show to date: 148 minutes! Edward the non-midget pun artist, Dr. Keck, the Food Critic, Traffic, News and Weather, Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, the Absolutely Nothing Promo, The Price is Right, Useless News, Alberto’s Top Ten List, Award Show Skits, and Stuffy D. Bear combined to make this show hilarious!

Everyone was given a chance to put on songs that got stuck in their heads and made for a nice mixture of music styles. Jim and Chris were even able to play their first recorded song, “Walkin’ in the Dark.” (All of Jim and Chris’s songs are copyrighted 2001 by Fusco-Moore Productions, a subsidiary of WCJM Internet Radio Co. and stealing their material is punishable by horrendous acts of discipline). Chris Moore even got to do the REAL hosting job for this show! And as always, WCJM hopes that this show will be stuck in your head for years to come!