MHITM is the Premier Show for WCJM Radio.  It stars Chris, Jim , Mike , Alberto, Dave, Matt, and Jeff.  The shows started in 1998 and continue on today.  Of course, the newer shows are MUCH funnier, but if you want to get ALL of the inside WCJM jokes, start way back with the first show in ’98!

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WCJM Free Internet Radio FAQ:

What is “MHITM”?

To borrow from a favorite line in one of the WCJM free Internet radio shows hosted here on this website, MHITM is NOT, contrary to popular belief, a show based on domestic abuse in the early hours of the day.  No, it is a free Internet radio show broadcast for all to enjoy.  It combines the necessity of such reports as Traffic, News, Weather, Sports, and Technology with the hilarious contributions of such funny characters as Dr. K and Stuffy D. Bear and their comedy skits and standup comedy.  If you’re looking for quality free radio, look no further than WCJM and its flagship program, the “MHITM” morning program.

Who contributes to this morning radio show?

The cast has grown to seven full-time members, not counting special guests who have contributed to the radio station over the years – Chris, Jim , Mike , Alberto, Dave, Matt, and Jeff.  In addition to the regular WCJM cast, funny characters like Dr. K and Stuffy D. Bear are regulars and no one could expect a show to be complete without them.

What else does MHITM have to offer?

Being that this is 94.2 Radio’s longest-running show, there is so much comedy history that the cast has to work with.  Of course, the fact that the cast grew from three in the first show to seven plus one guest (to make eight!) in the “That Was Then, This is Now” show is telling in and of itself.  People want to be a part of this WCJM free Internet radio show.  As if the combination of personalities wasn’t enough to ensure an audience’s entertainment, the cast is always diligent in preparing a full pallet of comedy skits, segments with funny characters, standup comedy routines, music countdowns, live performances, and so much more!

There is so much to listen to, and I’m not sure where I should begin…

The best place to begin is on the WCJM Internet radio website.  The MHITM link is located at the center of the screen and instantly connects to the entire catalog of free radio shows.  Webmaster and WCJM producer Jim has arranged the shows from most recent to oldest and, as new shows get added, the most recent material is available at the top for your listening convenience.  If you’re still not sure where to jump in with this quality free Internet radio program, you might try listening to the “Jammin’ with Jim” radio show entitled “Highlights of MHITM” as a primer of sorts.  Regardless of where you start, you’re guaranteed to have an enjoyable time listening to the morning shows – it’s FREE Internet radio; how could you go wrong?