Cast Bios



The Creator

We have all wondered where the “Moore” in 94.2 Radio and MHITM came from. But then we saw that it was named after Chris, one of the original hosts. He began his radio career by making 94.2 Radio along with Jim and Mike . But his part in the radio business stretched far back. He did radio shows for his parents to listen to on the way to work, and has even done some shows for parties that his family has had.

The Boss’ Preferences

Chris not only is the main host on the “Only Station”, but he also does the “manly” voice of John Daley, our traffic reporter. Even though John is ridiculed for this, he pushes on, giving reliable traffic, and always a laugh.

Chris has never missed a show because a show just simply cannot go on without him. He is notoriously known for his screeching of “Rock-K-ON!” while adding professionalism to every WCJM show in the process. How he does it? Well, listening to the shows is the only way to explain how. Chris has also developed a great laugh over the years and is contributing more to the show each and every time.

“Hey, turn that junk off! I wanna hear Bob Dylan!”

What “Moore” Can Chris Offer?

Chris has taken the reigns and becoming the main host for the rest of the MHITM broadcasts, letting Jim concentrate on his producing. So, I’m sure Chris will be ready to fill air time with funny stories, Stupid Crooks of America tales, promos, and just that great radio voice.

Chris has been a great member of the radio show and will be for more shows to come. He really gives us more talent in the morning!


The Second Pioneer

We have all wondered were the “” in 94.2 Radio and MHITM came from. Well, at least some of us have. He started with Chris and Mike after he and Chris visited KISS 95.7 radio studios in Hartford. As the producer of the show, Jim does the mixing, the planning, and the recording for MHITM.

The Producer’s Preferences

Jim’s favorite part of the show is the music because, well, that’s what the show is showcasing! It’s part of the fun for him to create “MHITM” for Internet radio. He has said that he agrees with “A Simple Game” by the Moody Blues as the best song of all time (probably because he picked it himself!). He also loves the comedy segments because they make the shows unique and hilarious! He also does Don Foghorn, our “colleague” with the weather, who’s scratchy voice and name (Don) have lead him to become “The Godfather”. Jim hopes that Don will be predicting the weather CORRECTLY once again, but Don just seems to find some way to mess it up every time. Jim has his own show, “Jammin’ with Jim” on WCJM radio, but also has his very own radio show (and one he shares with fellow WCJM cast member, Matt) at Southern Connecticut State University on WSIN Radio.

(The Producer hard at work)

Is it Time Already?
Anyway you look at, Jim sees bright new horizons for the morning show- if he can only get up that early in the morning to see them!


Reluctant Member Turned “Funny Man”

As one of the original cast members in 1998, Mike joined Chris and his brother Jim for the first radio show. But the problem was that he did not want to do the show at first. He only agreed to do the show in the background, so he ended up actually producing the first show! (Jim took over on the second show) He didn’t even have his own microphone during the first show, but he would get his revenge—- in the form of comedy!

Mike Takes His “Anger” Out on Alberto and Dave!

The first people on Mike’s “comedy hit-list” were Alberto and . These two are the only two below Mike in the “seniority rule” order of 94.2 Radio. So, having more “power” and say over Alberto and Dave, he decided to capitalize on the situation. Every show is jam-packed with comments such as “Alberto, be quiet” and Dave’s “egghead” and “forehead boy” comments. But he is not all bad to Alberto and Dave. He has helped them, as the experienced one, get used to the show, and allows them to “soften up” on the air.

For His Next Trick…

Mike also took the job after the second show as Lawrence Muntz, the 94.2 Radio sports expert. With great info. and behind the scenes facts, he incorporates hilarious stories. On the Best Song EVER! show, he told the story of Jackie Robinson Jr. receiving he award for “Best Father”. But as Jackie went to pick up the award on home plate (of a baseball field), his pants split in half! “He has ‘segregated seams’.” “They should call him ‘Cracky Robinson Jr.’.”

Mike “the Unsung Hero”

Always hovering behinds the scenes, listening intently for an opening, Mike is always ready to crack a joke. But he is not “just kidding” when it comes to being a professional radio host! He adds the key comedy element to a well-rounded show.


Bark, bark, “Quiet Alberto!”- just one of many comments thrown at Alberto every radio show by Mike. But over looking these meaningless comments, you will find an amazing radio personality with a soft, smooth voice.

Alberto=Immediate Target
Despite all of the antagonizing, Alberto lets comments like these roll right off his back. For anyone else- that would normally be a good thing. For good-ole Alb: a new found personality.

Alberto Fights Back!
“Your Mama!” just one of the many phrases used by Alberto when he’s on the short end of a comment. However, Alberto’s talents are not just limited to absorbing insults well- he does much more than that. Popping in a joke or two during his (McGuiver Wilson’s) news report, keeping the news limited to the most interesting stories, and always talking in his light, clear, Italian-accented radio voice. Having Alberto do the news has been a “Moore” than enjoyable opportunity and hopefully MHITM will be lucky enough to have nice appointments- such as Alberto’s presence- during our future shows.

First: Your Mama. What’s next?
You can be sure to find Alberto at our shows, so don’t fret. (Alberto paid me to put that in) But what’s next? A new voice? A new personality? An array of new catch phrases? Regardless of what’s in store for Alberto, we have to be nice enough to him to want to be part of the show. Why? Because someone like Alb is hard to find- in more ways than one!

Fellow funnyman,

Alb’s a great member of the “cast”!


The Fifth Man

MHITM was getting more professional than ever before, in fact as professional as you can get! , who listened to the Comedy Christmas Album when Jim and Mike went over his house, asked to be part of the show. He got his first chance on the New Years celebration- thrown MHITM style.

Why We Call It the Millennium “Mayhem” Show

Being ‘s first show, and only twelve hours after the new millennium hit, it was certainly a hectic time for 94.2 Radio. Dave, who was caught off guard on the first tape he did, was assigned to do a technology report only minutes before the show started. He was told to do technology because of his interest and extent of learning in the fields of space and science. But this short time to prepare did not phase him. His famous line, “automatic doughnut makers in police headquarters have been overloaded, so have fun boys, and we’ll see you next year,” was thought up in an extremely short period of time, and is one of the highlights of the Millennium Mayhem Show. Right from the start, proved he was a natural on the air. There were some first-time mistakes though, but he is faults were definitely overshadowed by his newfound expertise.

The Cast is Complete

After Dave’s “initiation” to becoming part of the cast, he returned as “the new member of 94.2 Radio” for the Best Song EVER! Show. This time, Dave had a chance to plan ahead of time and write an even funnier technology report, adding an extra element to the traffic, News, weather, and sports information. He also got a chance to participate, as the new member, in the Best Song Ever running. One of his songs placed at No. 3, making him a clearly respected member of the cast. ‘s talents are expanded even further by the making of this radio show. Chris, Jim, Mike, and Alberto could not ask for a better addition to the cast. had made the cast of MHITM complete…well, at least for a little while!


Matt was a vital part to the Comedy Show. His great brand of humor gave the show over twenty minutes of solid material! He has been working with Jim for a long time now, and has really proven his worth on the show.

Matt’s Standup is a great segment on every show, as Matt’s expertise in standup stylings and impersonations always leave the cast gasping for air. Matt also contributes his favorite music to every show, giving more variety to every show. His hilarious laugh is always a welcome treat to any comedy segment. Plus, as the old saying goes, you know you’re funny when you make a comedian laugh!

His appearance on the Comedy Show presented his great comedy skill as well as his wide array of voices and impersonations. “Mattnelious,” as Dr. K likes to call him, will continue to write material for the station, as he is now a permanent cast member.

(Matt gives WCJM his famous thumbs up!)


If you wondered who was behind those silly Ronco products, it’s Jeff. In addition to this hilarious segment that has become regular on MHITM, Jeff is also responsible for Ben Case’s Useless News and Garrett Yates ‘I can’t believe it’s not’ product line. “I love the prospect of writing something new each time, and the laughing that ensues every time they are presented on the air”.

Jeff joined the cast as a writer and clip expert on 2000’s Comedy Show, contributing 3 promos and various “tips of the day” (which still make appearances on the show). He was “fully matriculated” into the cast on the Homerun Derby challenge and is the official 7th cast member. Jeff brings a great laugh, interesting commentary, and a whole lot of age as the senior cast member (27 in October 2007!).

Not only is Jeff a cast member, but he is a huge fan of WCJM shows – then and now. “I have some of the shows tracked as mp3 files on my player, and corresponding playlists that get played on long drives and exercise sessions”. He also has real audio files from EVERY show, and no trivia question about the show can go past him! He is always ready to do another show as well, and is willing to contribute to the station however he can.

(Man, this is scary! Don’t mess with the Advertising King!)

Special Guests


Cody is “the spare host” on the show. He has made appearances on the Party Show, the Homerun Derby Challenge, the WCJM Party, and was mentioned on the Best Song EVER! Show. But his biggest contribution to the station was filling in for Alberto on short notice on the Comedy Show. This let the cast number be back up to five for the show, and allowed the smooth running of all of the skits. Cody will continue to make appearances and will have many more encounters with his good friend, Dr. K!


Drew made his first writing appearance for the show on the Rock ‘n’ Roll Christmas, doing a skit with Dr. K and his anger for being used on the Comedy Show. Drew also wrote an e-mail to Jim about his review of the Best Song EVER! Show. Although this was just meant as a gag, Jim decided that The Comedy Show could use just one more gag, and Drew’s e-mail was read on the show. Drew is right up there with Matt and Jeff on the Comedy scale, and no doubt will be on the show in person very soon. That is, if those hit- men actually do their job and keep Dave away!


Becky joined the cast originally for the Complaining Show and really enjoyed her time on WCJM. She added a new dimension to the show- she’s the first female to be on a microphone during a morning show. She contributed only a little (Jim pointed out that it was less than Alberto), but she proved that WCJM cast members’ jokes aren’t just “guy humor”. Becky will continue to join the show in the future and looks forward to continue writing material with Jim.


Cliff became a special guest on the “That Was Then, This Is Now” Show in 2007 as a reward for his efforts on helping out with a website redesign. He was also a great addition to the show on the air, cracking jokes and really getting along well with the rest of the cast.

WCJM Free Internet Radio FAQ:

Why is there a “Cast Bios” section and what is it?

Once you’ve started listening to WCJM free Internet radio, you just may find it irresistible to return time and time again for the funniest funny radio and, of course, FREE radio!  This being said, the shows themselves just might not be enough for you.  Thankfully, there’s this section on the WCJM Internet radio website titled “Cast Bios.”  This is a section devoted to the cast biographies and special guest biographies.

What will I find in the “Cast Bios” that will be fun to read?

Well, given that this is a funny radio station devoted to comedy of all types, you can expect the funny.  Just as we love writing skits and standup comedy, the Cast Bios section contains hilarious cast biographies of both the cast members and special guests that are sure to make you crack a smile.  Although the funny character biographies have not been added at this time, you can read about them within the biographies of the cast and guests.

Who are the cast members?

The cast consists of seven regular members.  First, there was just Jim , Chris, and Mike .  Then, the cast expanded with the arrival of Alberto and Dave.  Finally, Matt and then Jeff came on board.  Each member has contributed some very funny characters to the roster, as well as written side-splitting comedy skits and standup comedy routines.  The amount of effort they put into their material is amazing, especially considering how busy they are outside of their radio station duties.

Why did the cast come together?

The common, uniting thread among WCJM free Internet radio cast members is not only the comedy – although the comedy skits and standup comedy is certainly a lot of fun to write and listen to.  The real factor at play here is the camaraderie that has kept these seven men returning to the WCJM Internet radio console year after year.  Even now, a decade after first hitting the record button on an old cassette tape recorder, the same spirit is there.  These seven love to produce funny radio and, judging by their most recent shows, they have not lost their touch.  And there are a lot of great moments from the history of this Internet radio station to live up to.  Now, you can catch up on a little WCJM history lesson with the Cast Bios section of the WCJM free Internet radio website!