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These shows are unique get-togethers of various WCJM cast members.  Check out the especially hilarious Advertising Show!

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WCJM Free Internet Radio FAQ:

What is the difference between a morning show and a 94.2 Radio show?

Sometimes, the cast members of the WCJM free Internet radio station – Chris, Jim , Mike , Alberto, Dave, Matt, and Jeff – just can’t sit it out and wait any longer for the next morning show.  They, more than the average person, have a thirst for comedy that can only be quenched by the skits, funny characters, standup comedy, and all-around comedy radio antics that WCJM provides.  Thus, the various members of the cast have gotten together to record and broadcast free Internet radio shows even when the full cast was not available.  This is simply the reality of having a cast of seven or more members – one show had eight! – and the cast of funny characters is always there to make up for the difference.

What 94.2 Radio shows are there so far?

Perhaps the most successful of the WCJM Internet radio shows has been the free Internet radio broadcast of “The Advertising Show.”  It was such a great opportunity for the funny characters of WCJM free Internet radio to shine in a vast array of Internet radio comedy skits and standup comedy routines.

Why an advertising show on a comedy radio station?

What better opportunity for comedy and extremely funny radio than a show that parodies and mimics advertising campaigns and techniques?  94.2 Radio has a long history of producing skits with characters and situations that will be funny to anyone who enjoys the humor in things such as cheesy advertisements.  As far as free radio goes, it doesn’t get much better than this – WCJM’s “Advertising Show” is one of the classic 94.2 Radio shows, and only one of the many the official WCJM Internet radio website has to offer!