The Advertising Show

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Part 1: The first part of the show with Edward the non-midget pun artist, Jim’s news, Miracle Fluid promo, an interview with Rodney Dangerfield, and Jeff’s tips of the day!

Part 2: The second part of the show with Garret Yates, the Coz, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler, the Acura WCX promo, and more!

Part 3: The third part of the show with the Oreck Anor-XL promo, the Food Critic, Jeff’s Tips of the Day, and the Mr. Tomalski skit!

Part 4: The last part of the show with Ron Popeil, Jeff’s News segments, and Stuffy D. Bear!

How many times have we said this: “This is the funniest WCJM show of all time.” Apparently, not enough! The Advertising Show, the brainchild of Matt Griffiths, became a reality on Friday, June 7. Jeff Copperthite came to WCJM studios after he got out of work and after a two hour writing session, the show finally started. The show consisted of four people, all comedy writers from WCJM. Jim Fusco took the hosting position and Matt Griffiths acted as Jim’s right-hand man. Jeff Copperthite and Mike Fusco combined to bring puns and witty comments throughout the show, too.

The show was recorded in mono by request of Jeff, so they could get double the time out of the MiniDisc. They would need it, as the show clocked in at 108 minutes! Therefore, the cast finished the show completely at 12:10 AM on Saturday! This late time could have been less had it not been for Jim Fusco completely erasing the last fifteen minutes of the show by accident, making the guys record it over again.

(Jim and Matt rockin’ to Metallica!)
This show features 19 skits, promos, routines, and interviews including the Food Critic, Stuffy D. Bear, and Dr. Keck. Music was chosen from Matt and Jim’s collections and every song had to deal with a different aspect of advertising in some way. Skits like the Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler announcing skit, Ronco, and Garret Yates’ “I Can’t Believe It’s Not” products all made return appearances on this show. The laughter doesn’t stop for one minute out the 108, and this show is certainly one that you’ll want to listen to and quote from for years to come!

(Stuffy tops Jeff’s creation)