The “On A Whim” Show

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Chris’s famous phrase, “On a whim,” has finally caught up to him. On April 18, 2001, Chris went to visit Jim and Mike while on vacation. The day was going by fast- listening to music, watching movies, and joking around all day. But while during dinner, Jim’s parents asked when the next radio show would be. Jim said that there would be no show over April vacation because of scheduling problems. Then, a suggestion was made. Why not do a show right then?

So, with two hours left before Chris had to leave, the show was set up and “planned”. This show was aptly named The “On A Whim” Show because of the spur-of-the-moment attitude that appeared throughout the entire show. Jim and Mike dug up songs that they loved to listen to and put them all together along with quick skits and comedy routines to form this show. There were even songs from Jim’s very own album, “With or Without You” featured on the show. Your first chance to hear Jim’s songs is right here.

This show was the reunion of the original three cast members dating back to August 16, 1998, when the show first went on the air. Mike talks a little more this time, Jim’s voice has come down a few octaves, and Chris has stayed exactly the same after all this time. Talk about a classic show!