The WCJM Party

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After the Best Song EVER! tape was produced, Chris, Jim, Mike, Alberto, and Dave decided to throw a party- 94.2 Radio style. Dave wanted to take the reigns and produce the show, to which Jim reluctantly agreed. This tape was completely “on a whim”, with party music from Jim, Chris, and Dave’s collections.

But Jim and Chris’ voices were almost shot by this time. So, through the whole tape, their voices sounded very “horse”. Dave, with very little experience using the mixer, had to be helped by Jim many times, and therefore, some of the songs didn’t start until after the beginning of the song. This show was very disorganized, and also did not even have Jim and Alberto on the show for a while while they were writing “Sicilian Rhapsody”, their “Bohemian Rhapsody” promo of 94.2 Radio. The song came out great and the rest of the tape maintained that “party” atmosphere.

It’s funny how time and maturity can change your perspective. For many years, this tape was lost because we didn’t think it was up to the high WCJM radio standards (so it MUST have been pretty bad!). But, after 16 years on the shelf, we unearthed the tape and you know what? It’s GOOD! At the time, we were so concerned about the mixing, but what we missed were the comedy routines like Traffic, News and Weather, and a “Dave’s Favorite’s” list!

So, give this show a shot- the nostalgia (if not the music, which is still pretty horrible) will put a smile on your face!