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Throughout the years, WCJM has strived to bring you quality sports programming with nothing but the best in athletic prowess. They failed miserably, but managed to keep the laughs coming.

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WCJM Free Internet Radio FAQ:

What exactly is WCJM sports?

Well, although WCJM free Internet radio is comedy radio station, that hasn’t stopped the cast and special guests from organizing sports shows for basketball and homerun derby.  Of course, this isn’t just any sports show – WCJM Internet radio is committed to bringing you funny sports!  The homerun derby shows, in particular, have been successful WCJM sports shows and this is the first sports show to spawn several sequels.

What can be funny about sports?

If you’re asking this question, then you obviously haven’t witnessed the ability of the cast – Chris, Jim , Mike , Alberto, Dave, Matt, and Jeff – to turn normal sporting situations into a bona fide exercise in standup comedy.  The shows really run like one full-length comedy skit, as the cast members invite you to laugh with and even laugh at them as they attempt to make baskets, score runs, or whatever else the game may call for.  Keeping true to their funny radio promise, the boys of WCJM free Internet radio are both willing to accept the criticism and standup comedy directed at their expense… and even more willing to dish it out!

How does WCJM Internet radio organize a sports show broadcast?

The first key to any WCJM sports show is the setup on the field – for instance, in the home run derby shows, a commentators’ booth was set up on the sidelines and a microphone was placed on the field to pick up “the Sounds of the Game,” as WCJM producer Jim put it.  This way, the listener is able to experience the action firsthand, as realistically as possible without actually being there.

What’s next for WCJM sports?

There’s no shortage of able-bodied cast members and funny characters, so there’s always some sports shows on the horizon for the WCJM free Internet radio crew.  When summer hits, the original cast members – Jim , Mike, and Chris – meet regularly to play home run derby, so it is only a matter of scheduling with the other cast members to decide on the date of the next Home Run Derby WCJM sports show!