The Home-Run Derby Show 2

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Saturday, June 17, 2000 saw the creation of the first non-radio show 94.2 Radio broadcast. Four of the five members of MHITM came together to make The 94.2 Radio Homerun Derby Challenge. The cast of Lawrence Muntz, the sports expert, as the host, Chris, Jim , Alberto, and guests Cody (who made an appearance on the Party Show) and Jeff, the new segment expert for 94.2 Radio, made the Homerun Derby Challenge.

This is the first show to be done outside, and a special microphone was set up to hear the bat cracking after each homerun. Jim won the second game by a score of six to Jeff’s two. This show will forever be a lost show because Jim’s last at bat in which he hit three homeruns was lost, and the morale on the show is at best- goofy. This was even the second time this type of show was tried! The first show was lost completely due to Jim’s stereo becoming unplugged while the show was on pause!!! Looking on the bright side, that game was not the best it could be because there was only one homerun hit the entire game! (By Jeff) In any case, the cast of WCJM radio was determined to get back into the homerun “swing” and made another attempt at the show a whole year later!