WCJM Basketball Challenge

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On a beautiful July day (July 7, to be exact), WCJM initiated its first Basketball Tournament. The cast of Matt being the full-time host and not playing along with Chris, Jim , Mike , Alberto, and Jeff welcomed a new member/host to the show, Justin. As seen above, the show was done in the ‘s basketball court in front of the garage with three hosts, two referees, and two players going one-on-one.

(Jim and Chris fly during their regular season game)
The rules were as follows: Everyone would play four “regular season” games. Everyone, therefore, would not play one person during the regular games. For instance, Jim played Justin, Mike, Alberto, and Chris, but did not play Jeff. Each game would be the first to get 11 or more points or the highest score in a ten minute time limit. The two people with the best records out of the four games they played would go at it in a Championship match, played to 21. The winner would be crowned as the WCJM Basketball Champion!

(Jeff sends one sailing into the hoop that Mike can only stare at!)
The host of the show was Matt. But even though Matt didn’t participate in the tournament, he had his work cut out for him. Matt not only played himself, but put two other characters to work during this show. Matt did the voices of Jim Ross of the WWF and the old sports announcer Howard Cosell. Matt was certainly the funniest commentator, calling Alberto the “Sultan of Short” and Jeff the “Fuehrer of Free-throws.” Matt’s presence on this show gave the tournament a constant announcer and kept the games going and everyone interested and laughing!

Above is an image of what Chris’s day was like- looking at other people’s shots fall through the hoop as he watched his games fall through his fingers. Chris went 0 and 4, facing Jim , Jeff, Mike , and Alberto. Chris was at his best announcing, as usual, even though he didn’t have very much knowledge in the game of basketball. Hey, basketball may not be Chris’s cup of tea, but he definitely brought “Moore” than just easy wins to other players to the Basketball Tournament.

Jim had a great day on the court, going 4 and 0 and being the runner up in the finals. He came back from 8-2 to beat his brother Mike, and had a great day announcing alongside Matt. Jim made it to the finals to give Jeff a run for his money, but falling just short of the title. Jim surprised everyone with his playing skills and just as Jeff said, “Jim can pump threes like…Chris!” We all hope he’s joking.

Mike ended the day at 2 and 2, beating Justin and Chris along the way. His humorous comments throughout the show added even more for Matt to work with and his playing gave opponents such as Jeff and Jim a scare. Even though Mike didn’t go to the finals, his performance was worthy of a title, as he tied with Alberto for second place.

Alberto also finished the day at 2 and 2, beating the likes of Chris and Justin. He gave Jeff his most challenging opposition during the entire regular season, stretching Jeff to the limit right before the championship game. Alberto is also a great commentator when it comes to basketball and really helped move the games along. As with Mike, Alberto had a very respectable day, but ended up with only dreams of what could have been.

As shown in the shot above, Jeff was “flying high” the entire day. He went undefeated the whole day, beating every single person one time. His dominance was rivaled only by Alberto during the regular season, who still only managed to get a couple of shots off of him! In the finals against Jim , Jeff and Jim went back and forth, but in the end, Jeff’s experience and skill overcame Jim’s talents for the day. Jeff didn’t do much commentary but was the referee on many occasions, making his presence not only entertaining, but necessary on this show.

The shot above shows the newest guest in the WCJM family, Justin. The shot above also shows one of Justin’s approximate 55 air-balls during the tournament! Justin went 0 and 4 during the season, but still gave quite a challenge to Mike, leading most of the way. Justin also surprised everyone with his amazing work at the microphone. Even though it was his first time on ANY radio show, he did a great job of commenting and calling the games.

Whatever the outcome of the Tournament, this show was another step in the professional direction of WCJM, allowing WCJM announcers to hone their skills while calling fast-paced matches. Everyone had a great time, and this is the first WCJM Sports show that came out in its entirety the first time around!