History of WCJM Internet Radio

WCJM Begins

On August 6, 1998, Chris and Jim paid a visit to the KISS 95.7 studios in Hartford. Chris and Jim were so interested in the way the radio station worked, that they decided to form their own “radio station”. So after returning to Jim’s house that day, the two joined up with Jim’s brother, Mike , and produced the first “MHITM” broadcast, named after Chris. They made up call letters- WCJM (Chris, Jim, and Mike), and even a name for the station- 94.2 Radio. Using only the equipment they had on hand at the time, they produced a 90-minute show by holding a microphone up to a speaker that played the music!

But for the second show, the three used a sound mixer (a machine that controls how loud the sound levels are) that Jim received for his birthday that year. But the “station” faced some problems using the mixer, as Jim was just getting used to using it, and the sound levels were off. So, during the whole tape, Mike and Chris could hardly be heard!

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The Alberto Era

The cast then added a fourth member for the third tape. Alberto wanted to join the cast because “it sounded like a fun idea and it let [him] be with [his] friends.” Alberto was a natural on the air, giving the special Christmas Show that was done an extra-added lift. This show, up until just recently, had been the best “MHITM” show ever produced, because of the perfect levels (only a little feedback) of everyone’s voice/ music. The same thing went for the next show, again based on Christmas, but used Christmas comedy songs instead of the previous tape’s classic Christmas songs.

The Last Member, For Now

The cast then added one more member, , for it’s Millennium “Mayhem” Show. This show came only twelve hours after the new millennium hit, and had song themes that were based on the new century. Dave commented on why he wanted to join the cast, “I listened to the Christmas tape, and was amazed at what I heard, so I asked to join.”

Best Song EVER! Show is Dubbed A Masterpiece

Finally, on February 12, 2000, all five members of “94.2 Radio” made a tape to decide what the best song of all time happened to be. Jim spent hours planning for this show, which could not fit in only a 90-minute tape. It ended up being a two-hour show, and the careful, down-to-the-second planning clearly made this the best show ever produced by the team. Chris commented on this show, “The sound quality and the setup made everything fit right in”. The number one song of all time, in Mike’s eyes, was “surprising”, but deserved the title of “the best.” Later that day, he cast decided to add one more tape to the MHITM library. This tape was a 94.2 Radio Party, with party music, and totally (as Chris would say) on a whim.

Professionalism Reaches New Heights

Next came the Best Guitar Riffs Show, in which 26 songs with great guitar riffs would battle it out to see which is Number 1. Another two hour show, this had to be the most professional, because more had to get done on the air by the hosts in a smaller time (to fit all the songs in). There were also two original songs in the show titled, “Where Have All the MIDGETS! Gone”, and “Back in the Good Ole Deutschland” which added a little more comedy to the show.

Some Funny Guys

The next show was the long-awaited Comedy Show, which, although did not have the full cast of MHITM (Alberto and Dave were not present) was still the funniest thing these guys could ever churn out. Skit after skit, and promo after promo filled this show with laughter and fun. With over 10 pages of scripts and 12 comedy songs, this show was something to laugh about!

October Fever

With the Mets and the Yankees in the World Series, there was only one thing to do- a radio show! This show had songs that pertained to the theme of a Subway Series. The first digitally recorded MHITM Show came out great not only with sound quality, but with great material- even Alberto was funny! (just kidding, Alb) This show was also a milestone because it showcased the appearance of Stuffy D. Bear- the newest addition to the show! World Series fever had swept the nation and WCJM caught it in a big way!

Christmas Time is Here Again!

Now an annual tradition, WCJM decided to do another Christmas show. After the comedy and classic Christmas songs they played last year, Jim still had many songs that his family had over the years. So this year, it was a Rock ‘n’ Roll Christmas with songs from the Beatles to Jethro Tull. This show again had Stuffy D. Bear giving everyone a laugh, and also had skits and stories from all the cast. The cast also added writer Jeff to the show for some more laughter and Christmas cheer. This is a show with great songs and a ton of fun!

Another Millennium, Another Best Song

The Song for the New Millennium Show is one of the best all-around shows. It had, minus Alberto, six people, including Matt G. and Jeff C. as guests. This show had many skits, promos, Stuffy, Ronco, Dr. K., and political commentary as well as 15 great songs. The songs were ranked and rated, coming out with the Number 1 song!

What Does It All Mean?

The Double Meaning Show came next, with the cast of WCJM playing an array of songs that could be taken multiple ways. By this time, Matt G. had become a full-time cast member on the morning show and he contributed to this effort by adding his “Minor Pain Christmas Time Hits” promo. Jim compiled a montage of clips based on the Beatles’ “Paul Is Dead” theory. There was also a pun contest (find the results on the show’s page by clicking above) and this show took up two full MD’s worth of comedy and fun!

Hey, Get Out of There!

The crew of the morning show, which now included Jeff as a mainstay member, came up with an idea that could keep all of its fans listening. The show: “WCJM Is Stuck In Your Head”. All the songs on the show were chosen because they easily got stuck in the cast members’ heads. This show really solidified the “as many skits as songs” pattern and the skits on this show really show comedic progression from earlier attempts. Jim and Chris also showcased their very catchy song, “Walkin’ in the Dark”, for this show. This was the longest show to date for the station and the seven-member cast was complete, as well.

Guess What Country We’re From

The next show was the All-American Show. Based on the events that occurred in America late-2001, the cast decided to pay tribute to the country by playing songs that told about America’s greatness. This show contained comedy, but not too much, because they had to make another show that very day.

WCJM Isn’t Recorded…

The show that came directly after the All-American Show was the Live Show. This show contained live versions of the cast’s favorite songs. The show also had the whole cast doing a live rendition of Jim ‘s “Something Is Out of My Life” to give it that extra live feel.

They Ran Out of Ideas, I Think

Jim had the crazy idea of switching things up at WCJM and putting on a show that had no theme. Thus, The Themeless Show came about. This show just put all the cast members’ favorite songs on the air while combining quality skits with no direction whatsoever! The cast was also joined by a special guest, Steve, for this occasion, taking Jeff’s place for that show and adding that extra laugh that brought it all together.

Never Heard of It? Great!

After a long absence, the WCJM cast reunited again for another show. The cast consisted of the usuals minus Alberto, who decided to attend a Dave Matthew’s Band concert instead. So, in his place, Chris’ sister, Jaime Moore (who was the original “J” in WCJM back in the mid 1990’s), visited and watched as the show took place. The show consisted of The Best Songs You’ve Never Heard Of and featured all of the cast’s favorite album cuts (not popular singles). This show is mixed in stereo for an interesting effect and features many comedy segments that make it one of the funniest WCJM shows ever!

Got A Complaint?

By the time the Complaining Show took place, the WCJM cast had been together for years. It was about time to consolidate all that pent-up anger into one show! The whole cast, minus Dave (who took a last minute bow-out), attended, and the cast introduced another guest: Becky. Another show mixed the cast members’ voices in stereo and this show definitely contained more comedy than any show since the Comedy Show itself. The songs are about the singer complaining about something and the cast picked up on this trend, as well. This show went off without a hitch, as there was no bickering, and a lot of laughing!

The Later Years

Even though WCJM is still alive and well, the cast doesn’t get together quite as often. But, the cast did some of their best work after the Complaining Show. The Christmas Vacation Show and the “That Was Then, This Is Now” Show actually had all seven original cast members. Hey, a few years apart for those shows could only mean more untold stories and better shows because of it!

What’s Next?

There are many more ideas in the cast’s heads for new and different shows. They include a Battle of the Bands Show, pitting five bands against each other, a Personal Songs Show, where each cast member picks a song resembling them, and many more. We will have to just get up in the morning and see what horizons lay ahead!

WCJM Free Internet Radio FAQ:

Why should the average free Internet radio listener visit the WCJM Photo Gallery?

Well, especially considering the degree to which the physical appearances of the regular cast members are used for the comedy skits and standup comedy routines in the radio shows, it’s only logical that you would want to get a glimpse at the bodies that inspired such hilarious free Internet radio!  And, really, you’ll see how much fun the cast members have with each other just by leafing through the pages of this photo gallery.  The images you’ll find are very telling for how the cast gets along.

What is the most interesting aspect of the WCJM Photo Gallery?

Probably the most interesting aspect of the image gallery is the manner in which it allows you to flip through the pages as though you were drifting in and out of time, ranging widely from 2000 to the present.  And it’s amazing to see the evolution in the cast members of WCJM free Internet radio.  Not a single member has gone unchanged to at least some degree, although some changes are more noticeable than others.  Jim , Chris, Mike , Alberto, Dave, Matt, and Jeff all grew up along with this funny radio station – they progressed from their early high school years all the way into their post-college, early adulthood years and beyond.  Yes, this may be a funny radio station, but there’s something serious about looking back at the boys who brought such a variety of comedy skits, funny characters, and standup comedy to the show and to see how much they have grown.

How do you explain the image in which the WCJM cast is physically fighting?

Despite appearances, the cast wasn’t actually fighting.  No, the camera has been off during those times… Just kidding; but seriously, this is one of the many funny poses the 94.2 Radio crew has taken and it’s all for the advancement of WCJM Internet radio – these men (once boys) are truly proud to be involved with the best free Internet radio station – the best funny radio station – that the Internet has to offer!