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All-American Show15:32Part 1TNWST
All-American Show5:13Part 2World Report
All-American Show12:46Part 2Castor-Away
All-American Show8:26Part 3Food Critic
All-American Show17:23Part 3Matt's Standup
All-American Show0:00Part 4Little Taco Boy
All-American Show5:07Part 4Stuffy
Christmas Vacation Show4:15Part 1Stuffy Interview
Christmas Vacation Show7:25Part 1Best Buy Related Standup
Christmas Vacation Show14:45Part 1TNWST
Christmas Vacation Show25:15Part 1Dyslexic Wheel of Fortune
Christmas Vacation Show33:19Part 1Food Critic
Christmas Vacation Show4:34Part 2Garrett Yates
Christmas Vacation Show25:39Part 2Charmin Quilts
Christmas Vacation Show0:19Part 3RONCO E-shopper
Christmas Vacation Show8:52Part 3Wilfred Brimley
Christmas Vacation Show17:56Part 3TNWST
Christmas Vacation Show24:18Part 3Frankie Demime – Frank the Mime
Christmas Vacation Show28:49Part 3Ben Case with Useless News
Christmas Vacation Show36:12Part 3World Report
Christmas Vacation Show3:12Part 4Stuffy
Christmas Vacation Show16:48Part 4Dr. Keck Gnome for the Holidays
Double Meaning Show0:35Part 1This Is WCJM
Double Meaning Show9:06Part 1Dr. Keck
Double Meaning Show10:50Part 1“Browns of color”
Double Meaning Show17:18Part 1TNWST
Double Meaning Show21:05Part 1Minor Pain Christmastime Hits
Double Meaning Show27:06Part 1Paul Is Dead
Double Meaning Show4:55Part 2"Yesterday" by Dr. Keck
Double Meaning Show7:33Part 2XFL
Double Meaning Show16:41Part 2Future Cast
Double Meaning Show25:20Part 2"Watch it, Grimace"
Double Meaning Show24:37Part 2"Bad, Bad Dr. Keck"
Double Meaning Show25:20Part 2"Dave McMuffin"
Double Meaning Show6:30Part 3Constipated Barbie
Double Meaning Show14:28Part 3Spy Convention
Double Meaning Show20:13Part 3The Rascal
Double Meaning Show33:50Part 3"Between the Boardwalk" & "Giddyup Keckster"
Double Meaning Show36:20Part 3"Have you ever seen a midget on a roll, no not the kind you put cheese on, despite the fact I could wedge in"
Double Meaning Show5:42Part 4Food Critic
Double Meaning Show15:17Part 4Stuffy D Bear
Double Meaning Show21:15Part 4Brady Bunch song
Double Meaning Show21:53Part 4Playskool Electric Slide
Song for the New Millennium Show21:13Part 1TNWST
Song for the New Millennium Show32:20Part 1"Michael's Midget Dentist" song
Song for the New Millennium Show0:00Part 2WCJM Zoo Trip
Song for the New Millennium Show0:30Part 2"The Dave" & Matt's laugh
Song for the New Millennium Show8:30Part 2"Scenes from an Italian Restaurant" skit
Song for the New Millennium Show19:06Part 2RONCO Chore-runner
Song for the New Millennium Show25:43Part 2"Top 10 Reasons why Gore should've conceded earlier" Matt's political segment
Song for the New Millennium Show5:12Part 3TNWST
Song for the New Millennium Show6:45Part 3First Ben Case appearance
Song for the New Millennium Show8:47Part 3Garden State Life
Song for the New Millennium Show22:19Part 3Stuffy D Bear
Song for the New Millennium Show25:00Part 3First Palumbi appearance
Song for the New Millennium Show27:10Part 3Stuffy "Who do you like better?"
Song for the New Millennium Show6:14Part 4The Keck Corner – Dr. Keck
Song for the New Millennium Show8:10Part 4Midget Roboto
Song for the New Millennium Show13:00Part 4"Five minutes!"
Song for the New Millennium Show:13:21Part 4This Is WCJM
Comedy Show3:20Part 1Godfather 4 promo & giveaway
Comedy Show8:55Part 1Mario Perillo "Adopt-a-midget"
Comedy Show9:55Part 1"Midget-o"
Comedy Show13:40Part 1Al Gore Ballot Reading 1
Comedy Show18:47Part 1RONCO Automatic Face Toner
Comedy Show24:34Part 1TNWST – First "Godfather" appearance
Comedy Show5:03Part 2Symbioscalp
Comedy Show6:34Part 2Johnny Carson
Comedy Show11:35Part 2RONCO Nitro Freezer
Comedy Show14:30Part 2"How much?" "Where can I get one?"
Comedy Show16:39Part 2Jim's 16th Birthday poem
Comedy Show24:00Part 2First Big Mclargehuge
Comedy Show26:04Part 2Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler
Comedy Show29:04Part 2Who's Line Is It Anyway? Tournament
Comedy Show8:09Part 3Mach 70 razor
Comedy Show9:05Part 3Howard Cosell skit
Comedy Show11:54Part 3TNWST
Comedy Show18:06Part 3Al Gore Ballot Reading 2
Comedy Show18:42Part 3Emeril Live
Comedy Show24:48Part 3Johnson's Fishsticks
Comedy Show25:37Part 3Chris playing Garrett Yates (mixer/tape player, lunch bag, whiffle ball)
Comedy Show28:10Part 3Tom Green
Comedy Show28:40Part 3"Whoa, hold on a minute!"
Comedy Show29:23Part 3Taco Bell dog
Comedy Show4:42Part 4Dr. Keck's standup comedy
Comedy Show7:42Part 4Booker T Keck
Comedy Show9:57Part 4"Daaah…midget!"
Comedy Show10:31Part 4Billiard Cosby
Comedy Show12:00Part 4"Why don't you poop on me, The Cos"
Comedy Show13:20Part 4Dr Keck's rap
Comedy Show21:20Part 4Al Gore Ballot Reading 3
Comedy Show22:11Part 4Presidential meeting skit
Comedy Show25:00Part 4"Holy Father" sitcom
Comedy Show30:00Part 4RONCO Organics organic cigarettes
Comedy Show33:04Part 4WM&M Sweet Talk Radio
Advertising Show10:44Part 1Jim's News (World Report)
Advertising Show15:00Part 1Miracle Fluid promo
Advertising Show17:00Part 1Rodney Dangerfield sketch
Advertising Show18:40Part 1"The Neaderthals called- they want their forehead back"
Advertising Show0:00Part 2Garrett Yates
Advertising Show6:10Part 2Cos Pay Per View (Bill Cosby)
Advertising Show9:13Part 2Jim Ross
Advertising Show17:15Part 2This Is WCJM
Advertising Show18:49Part 2Dr Keck's depression
Advertising Show26:46Part 2Acura WCX
Advertising Show0:00Part 3Food Critic
Advertising Show1:13Part 3Girl Scout Cookies
Advertising Show10:23Part 3Oreck Anor-XL
Advertising Show14:05Part 3"Tight End"
Advertising Show17:15Part 3Jeff's Tips of the Day
Advertising Show17:53Part 3Mr. Tomalski skit
Advertising Show17:54Part 3"Aw, shucks!"
Advertising Show0:00Part 4RONCO Stuffed Chickens ("The veins in MY neck!"
Advertising Show7:54Part 4Ben Case with alternate news
Advertising Show16:09Part 4Dental midget
Advertising Show17:10Part 4Stuffy D Bear
Advertising Show19:05Part 4Sue B Honey
Homerun Derby Show 32:25Part 2Chris' threshold for pain
Basketball Challenge4:08Part 1"Duke of Double Dribble"
Basketball Challenge5:45Part 1"The Fuhrer of Free-throws"
Basketball Challenge13:35Part 1"Jim's on Fire"
Basketball Challenge21:15Part 1"The Duke of Double Dribble"
Basketball Challenge1:25Part 2"BBQ sauce went through me like a rhino through a brick wall!"
Basketball Challenge10:09Part 3"Pomade"
Basketball Challenge18:49Part 3"Taking Mike to school"
Complaining Show5:50Part 1"One angry dwarf"
Complaining Show6:40Part 1"Phone feed"
Complaining Show7:20Part 1Ben Case with Useless News
Complaining Show16:56Part 1"She's so hard"
Complaining Show17:17Part 1Food Critic
Complaining Show18:28Part 1"Subway: Eat Flesh!"
Complaining Show22:30Part 1"Name that sub!"
Complaining Show24:54Part 1"Cheesy Gordeezy"
Complaining Show25:17Part 1"SANDWICH! What sandwich did he want?"
Complaining Show26:34Part 1"Hepped-up on goofballs"
Complaining Show32:26Part 1"Driver Ed the Non-mulligan Par Artist"
Complaining Show33:30Part 1Miss Cleo's Weather report / "This is tarot-ble"
Complaining Show3:30Part 2Stuffy D Bear
Complaining Show16:25Part 2"Skillet!"
Complaining Show21:40Part 2Garrett Yates
Complaining Show28:04Part 2WCJM Mailbag – replace Chris as host
Complaining Show28:47Part 2World Report
Complaining Show30:20Part 2Air Bud films that never made it
Complaining Show33:14Part 2"Air Bud: Bushido Warrior"
Complaining Show0:00Part 3"Long Yoo" Price is Right
Complaining Show6:34Part 3TNWST
Complaining Show7:05Part 3John Daley's Rhyme
Complaining Show8:44Part 3White Noise
Complaining Show11:30Part 3"WC-JM, WC-JM"
Complaining Show11:55Part 3RONCO Face Lifter
Complaining Show13:52Part 3"If you can't lift your spirits, lift your face"
Complaining Show18:03Part 3Reversalax
Complaining Show24:24Part 3"You Might Be A Sandwich Artist"
Complaining Show4:35Part 4WCJM Goes to the Psychiatrist
Complaining Show15:44Parrt 4"Ethan Dome"
Complaining Show16:38Parrt 4Dr. Keck / Shoeperman
Complaining Show17:35Parrt 4"Orthotico"
Best Songs You've Never Heard Of Show13:15Part 1Ben Case with Useless News
Best Songs You've Never Heard Of Show19:26Part 1The World Report by the Food Critic
Best Songs You've Never Heard Of Show34:19Part 1"STINK"
Best Songs You've Never Heard Of Show38:21Part 1"Want to make some copies? Kinko's Kinko's Kinko's"
Best Songs You've Never Heard Of Show3:26Part 2Matt's Standup
Best Songs You've Never Heard Of Show3:50Part 2"Chink – Dave"
Best Songs You've Never Heard Of Show19:55Part 2TNWST
Best Songs You've Never Heard Of Show22:40Part 2"It's been Muntz" / Dr Keck's soda puns
Best Songs You've Never Heard Of Show27:46Part 2"TWNSIT and shout" by Dave
Best Songs You've Never Heard Of Show33:24Part 2"Two Guys" sitcom skit
Best Songs You've Never Heard Of Show11:19Part 3"Wiine"
Best Songs You've Never Heard Of Show15:45Part 3RONCO Mobile Car Marquee Message Board
Best Songs You've Never Heard Of Show0:00Part 4World Report
Best Songs You've Never Heard Of Show1:41Part 4"Noggin"
Best Songs You've Never Heard Of Show11:00Part 4Keck Korner (Dr. Keck)
Best Songs You've Never Heard Of Show12:40Part 4"Missing the TAN button!"
Themeless Show1:16Part 1Original "This is Dave"
Themeless Show26:17Part 1Matt's Standup
Themeless Show29:12Part 1"Bowling alley guy" story
Themeless Show17:30Part 2Disney Films that never made it
Themeless Show21:00Part 2TNWST
Themeless Show23:30Part 2"BORE 94.2 traffic"
Themeless Show27:22Part 2"What are you, chicken?"
Themeless Show0:00Part 3"Wong Number"
Themeless Show14:35Part 3Food Critic
Themeless Show15:25Part 3"What is an herb?"
Themeless Show5:15Part 4"or die…"
Themeless Show6:00Part 4"The Times They WERE A'Changin"
Themeless Show24:39Part 4Dr. Keck
Themeless Show24:50Part 4"I'll kill ya!"
Themeless Show26:23Part 4"That's my mic!"
Themeless Show26:59Part 4"Egg roll"
Themeless Show27:10Part 4"Talk about using your head!"
Themeless Show27:10Part 4"He hasn't told a joke yet!"
Themeless Show27:53Part 4"Scooby Doo has inspired a new manure spreader"
Themeless Show29:15Part 4"Stub backwards is buts"
Themeless Show30:06Part 4"Jewcy Fruit"
Themeless Show7:52Part 5World Report
Themeless Show7:52Part 5"Yule Tide"
Themeless Show10:46Part 5Stuffy D Bear
Live Show0:30Part 1"Often Imitated" Stuffy clip
Live Show10:35Part 1TNWST
Live Show22:55Part 1Food Critic
Live Show5:02Part 2The Turbanator promo
Live Show6:02Part 2Crime-Away
Live Show14:12Part 2Dr. Keck
Live Show16:10Part 2"Watch it, Proctologist"
Live Show21:31Part 2World Report
Live Show24:40Part 2"RESPECT" by Dr. Keck
Live Show0:15Part 3Original "I'll kill ya!"
Live Show7:53Part 3Stuffy D Bear
WCJM Is Stuck In Your Head7:15Part 1Edward the non-midget pun artist
WCJM Is Stuck In Your Head15:35Part 1Dr. Keck
WCJM Is Stuck In Your Head15:35Part 1Dr. Keck insults Ed the Non-midget Pun Artist
WCJM Is Stuck In Your Head18:30Part 1"Wah-wab"
WCJM Is Stuck In Your Head23:20Part 1"Re-tarred"
WCJM Is Stuck In Your Head23:50Part 1"If 4 out of 5 people suffer from diarrhea?"
WCJM Is Stuck In Your Head27:26Part 1"CMINS" license plate
WCJM Is Stuck In Your Head29:48Part 1"Stuck inside of fat camp with an obese weight again"
WCJM Is Stuck In Your Head8:56Part 2The Newer, Cheaper Price Is Right!
WCJM Is Stuck In Your Head17:50Part 2"You Crack Me Up"
WCJM Is Stuck In Your Head19:54Part 2World Report and Ben Case
WCJM Is Stuck In Your Head20:58Part 2"Dave went to the DMV today and failed emissions"
WCJM Is Stuck In Your Head22:40Part 2Fram Fart Filter
WCJM Is Stuck In Your Head0:17Part 3Who Wants to Be a Millionaire with The Rock
WCJM Is Stuck In Your Head3:46Part 3TNWST
WCJM Is Stuck In Your Head25:30Part 3Top 10 Things That Stress Jim Out
WCJM Is Stuck In Your Head0:00Part 4RONCO Height Adjuster
WCJM Is Stuck In Your Head14:53Part 4Chris' Award Show
WCJM Is Stuck In Your Head16:45Part 4Jim's Award Show
WCJM Is Stuck In Your Head17:39Part 4"A-HEM"
WCJM Is Stuck In Your Head22:25Part 4The Food Critic (Cole cuts & Sunny D)
WCJM Is Stuck In Your Head0:00Part 5George Carlin routine
WCJM Is Stuck In Your Head5:35Part 5Absolutely Nothing promo
WCJM Is Stuck In Your Head11:29Part 5TNWST
WCJM Is Stuck In Your Head15:30Part 5"Hurricane Dave"
WCJM Is Stuck In Your Head17:40Part 5Stuffy D Bear
WCJM Is Stuck In Your Head23:31Part 5"This is Dave, 10-4"
World Series Show2:35Part 1"Good God, it goes straight down!"
World Series Show16:25Part 1TNWST
World Series Show17:28Part 1Teddy Grahams news report
World Series Show11:13Part 2"Stan, Juan, Maya, and Aretha Bee Gee"
World Series Show17:23Part 2"Chris wonders how they mow the baseball field lawn"
World Series Show12:17Part 2TNWST
World Series Show11:20Part 3First-ever Stuffy D Bear
World Series Show12:51Part 3First mention of "Umberto"
Best Guitar Riffs Show7:41Part 1TNWST
Best Guitar Riffs Show13:15Part 1"Hey hey boys, you're rapping with me, Dr. Booker T in the field of midget dentistry"
Best Guitar Riffs Show29:55Part 1"You have to excuse him folks, he's a Red Sox fan"
Best Guitar Riffs Show6:32Part 2TNWST
Best Guitar Riffs Show6:56Part 3TNWST
Best Guitar Riffs Show20:03Part 4TNWST
Best Guitar Riffs Show23:29Part 4"Joe Torre is dead…dead tired after surgery"
Best Guitar Riffs Show24:16Part 4"Where Have All the Midgets Gone?"
Best Guitar Riffs Show25:38Part 4"Back in the Good Ol' Deutschland"
Best Guitar Riffs Show26:54Part 4"Ba, BA, ba"
Best Song EVER Show3:27Part 1First appearance of Dr. Keck
Best Song EVER Show5:46Part 1TNWST
Best Song EVER Show14:55Part 2"A shot below the belt"
Best Song EVER Show27:27Part 2TNWST
Best Song EVER Show6:52Part 3"Larynx 101 Voice Deepening Pills" promo
Best Song EVER Show14:56Part 3"Is Brian Wilson the one who recently passed-away?"
Best Song EVER Show14:24Part 4TNWST
Best Song EVER Show16:57Part 4"Crackie Robinson"
Best Song EVER Show17:21Part 4Dave says "Holy cow"
Millennium Mayhem Celebration4:23Part 1TNWST
Millennium Mayhem Celebration6:31Part 2TNWST
Millennium Mayhem Celebration9:09Part 3TNWST
Millennium Mayhem Celebration19:19Part 4TNWST
On A Whim Show0:43Part 2WCJM Conspiracy Skit
On A Whim Show0:00Part 3"Less Hits in the Evening"
On A Whim Show5:25Part 4Jim's Comedy – Handicap speech
On A Whim Show19:45Part 4"Unda Mwah Plan" (Under My Plan- Al Gore)
Postgame Show3:45Part 2"Plea to the Board of Ed" comedy routine
Postgame Show0:00Part 3"Top 10 Reasons why we're better than the Chris Moore Show"
Postgame Show12:36Part 3This is WCJM
Postgame Show2:18Part 4RONCO Vegetable Sifter-Sorter
Rock'n'Roll Christmas Show14:05Part 1TNWST
Rock'n'Roll Christmas Show14:40Part 1"Amerikeys"
Rock'n'Roll Christmas Show8:32Part 2Stuffy D Bear "Christmas Bears"
Rock'n'Roll Christmas Show16:15Part 2Dr. Keck skit by Drew
Rock'n'Roll Christmas Show7:55Part 3RONCO Christmas Stuff (Knickers, Raines XR-200 Underwear, Model Train Transformer)
Rock'n'Roll Christmas Show18:14Part 3TNWST
Rock'n'Roll Christmas Show13:08Part 4"Everywhere It's Christmas"
Best Original Christmas Song Show12:59Part 1George Carlin routine
Best Original Christmas Song Show22:29Part 1Chris orders American bread at Subway
Best Original Christmas Song Show22:58Part 1"Liberty loaf"
Best Original Christmas Song Show23:45Part 1DirecTV testimonial with Jim Ross
Best Original Christmas Song Show32:38Part 1Food Critic (Reese's)
Best Original Christmas Song Show5:35Part 2TNWST
Best Original Christmas Song Show6:00Part 2"White & Black Noise"
Best Original Christmas Song Show17:34Part 2DirecTV testimonial with Christopher Walken
Best Original Christmas Song Show22:00Part 2George Carlin routine
Best Original Christmas Song Show38:25Part 2North-South Mortgage promo
Best Original Christmas Song Show10:53Part 3Ben Case with Useless News
Best Original Christmas Song Show15:58Part 3"Variations on Skillet"
Best Original Christmas Song Show24:39Part 3DirecTV testimonial with Jerry Seinfeld
Best Original Christmas Song Show30:30Part 3TNWST
Best Original Christmas Song Show0:00Part 4Communist Santa article
Best Original Christmas Song Show8:46Part 4RONCO Liposusction Kit
Best Original Christmas Song Show15:08Part 4World Report (Harry Potter, Newsday jingle, Pointless websites, System of a Clown, He-Man, Shortest Book Ever Written)
Best Original Christmas Song Show15:55Part 4"Morty come quick!"
Best Original Christmas Song Show23:54Part 4Keck the Halls – Dr. Keck
Best Original Christmas Song Show25:10Part 4Clock puns by Dr. Keck
Best Original Christmas Song Show27:35Part 4Dental/tooth puns by Dr. Keck
Best Original Christmas Song Show31:50Part 4"Cameron Diaz I"
Best Original Christmas Song Show0:00Part 5Stuffy D Bear
Homerun Derby Show 218:42Part 1First Garrett Yates "I Can't Believe It's Not" Products
Bob Dylan Show5:06Part 1Stuffy D Bear
The Originals Show13:45Part 1Dr Keck sings "Sandman"
The Originals Show15:00Part 1Alternate titles for the Originals Show
The Originals Show22:42Part 1TNWST
The Originals Show26:50Part 1"Low Rents Months"
The Originals Show4:05Part 2David Hasselhoff "Tan gent"
The Originals Show10:30Part 2World Report
The Originals Show23:04Part 2WCJM Merchandise Store Skit
The Originals Show4:45Part 3Food Critic (Chinese Buffet, Burger King)
The Originals Show12:34Part 3TNWST
The Originals Show23:46Part 3Celebrity Jeopardy from Beyond the Grave 2
The Originals Show0:00Part 4Stuffy D Bear
The Originals Show6:43Part 4Dr. Keck
The Originals Show8:40Part 4"Bulk stack" Best Buy
The Originals Show10:24Part 4"The Creepiest Segment of All Time" low voices
The Originals Show28:00Part 4Cast sings "Feliz Navidad"
WCJM Party16:01Part 1Dave's Hobbies list
WCJM Party18:32Part 1Stupid Crooks of America
WCJM Party25:00Part 1Cody's Newsflash: McDonald's 1
WCJM Party31:00Part 1E! True Hollywood Story: Jim Fusco
WCJM Party33:00Part 1Dr. Keck
WCJM Party35:12Part 1TNWST
WCJM Party7:29Part 2TNWST
WCJM Party24:45Part 2Cody's Newsflash: McDonald's 2
WCJM Party39:57Part 2Sicilian Rhapsody song
WCJM Party44:15Part 2Alberto Distefano "Audition" Tape
The "That Was Then, This Is Now" Show7:56Part 1"That was yen, this is cow"
The "That Was Then, This Is Now" Show12:25Part 1Andy Rooney: cereal, computer screens, kids toys
The "That Was Then, This Is Now" Show25:54Part 1Ben Case with Useless News: Coke Minus 1, Sony You
The "That Was Then, This Is Now" Show0:00Part 2TNWST
The "That Was Then, This Is Now" Show3:00Part 2Terrance Huntz – Alberto/MacGuyver Wilson forgets Lawrence Muntz
The "That Was Then, This Is Now" Show16:00Part 2Top 10 Signs You're Getting Older
The "That Was Then, This Is Now" Show21:40Part 2Lightsaber Accidents
The "That Was Then, This Is Now" Show0:00Part 3"The Stale Princesses of Wallingford" Fresh Prince parody
The "That Was Then, This Is Now" Show4:53Part 3Matt's Standup: Best Buy Anecdote Corner, Best Buy Summer Blockbusters
The "That Was Then, This Is Now" Show15:00Part 3"Hey, do you have Gremlins 2?"
The "That Was Then, This Is Now" Show30:31Part 3World Report (Veterans of Domestic Wars, Christian Children's Fund, Lee M Cardholder, I'll Kill You- midwives, Don Imus, Winnie the Pooh)
The "That Was Then, This Is Now" Show32:19Part 3Lee M. Cardholder
The "That Was Then, This Is Now" Show10:15Part 4Garrett Yates "I Can't Believe It's Not" a water gun, window, crack
The "That Was Then, This Is Now" Show20:00Part 4Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler
The "That Was Then, This Is Now" Show3:00Part 5Failed Innuendos skit
The "That Was Then, This Is Now" Show13:00Part 5Alberto says "dead" about pen cap
The "That Was Then, This Is Now" Show16:58Part
The "That Was Then, This Is Now" Show24:30Part 5Celebrity Jeopardy from Beyond the Grave 1
The "That Was Then, This Is Now" Show23:37Part 5Most Hilarious Laugh (Funniest) contest
The "That Was Then, This Is Now" Show4:19Part 6TNWST
The "That Was Then, This Is Now" Show15:45Part 6RONCO Automatic Sandblaster 10007
The "That Was Then, This Is Now" Show23:53Part 6Food Critic: KFC, McDonald's, Diabeetus song, Excedrin Tension Buttache, Double-Chin Gum
The "That Was Then, This Is Now" Show0:00Part 7Stuffy D Bear
The "That Was Then, This Is Now" Show6:48Part 7Stuffy "Taking bogs"
The "That Was Then, This Is Now" Show16:25Part 7Dr. Keck
Homerun Derby Show 410:12Part 1"The Wen to my Dy's" Chris
Homerun Derby Show 414:17Part 1"That's one out for Ficas" Jeff
Homerun Derby Show 418:02Part 1"Alberto just talked to the hand with that" "Stop in the name of ball"
Homerun Derby Show 418:20Part 1Ruthian shot / Roofian shot
Homerun Derby Show 419:43Part 1Up Alberto's shorts!
Homerun Derby Show 420:40Part 1"Slight chance of a shower a month" Mike
Homerun Derby Show 427:20Part 1Howard Cosell "Baseball Bugs!"
Homerun Derby Show 428:11Part 1Bugle Boy / Trumpet Girl
Homerun Derby Show 429:00Part 1Mounds, Baby Ruth, Snickers puns
Homerun Derby Show 429:45Part 1"Back when it didn't count…two outs now for Jeff"
Homerun Derby Show 45:45Part 2Intercom annoucement
Homerun Derby Show 411:20Part 2"Disco/Sheryl Crow phase"
Homerun Derby Show 418:30Part 2"Jeff just pooped on the field" "Cleveland Steamboat"
Homerun Derby Show 420:40Part 2Cell phone ringtone "This game brought to you by Neverland"
Homerun Derby Show 421:20Part 2"Still have plenty of time…time is running out"
Homerun Derby Show 412:40Part 3Alberto's home run
Homerun Derby Show 422:00Part 3"Ball five, three sir"
The 10th Anniversary Show6:10Part 1Ben Case with Useless News: Firefights, air fragrance, Bobcat
The 10th Anniversary Show12:20Part 1Matt's Standup: Killingworth, motorcycle waives, goldfish
The 10th Anniversary Show12:35Part 1Alberto "Yeah, white!"
The 10th Anniversary Show12:45Part 1"Ebony Brown"
The 10th Anniversary Show3:45Part 2TNWST
The 10th Anniversary Show9:17Part 2World Report: Ritz Cracker, Hung Over, Mow-town, Pastorized, Guess Who
The 10th Anniversary Show16:53Part 2Scam-Wow
The 10th Anniversary Show18:20Part 2"They're doctor approved"
The 10th Anniversary Show20:24Part 2"I Can't Believe It's Not" with Yadier Yates – Numbers List "Jeff by the Numbers"
The 10th Anniversary Show0:00Part 3WCJM Radio – It's So Good
The 10th Anniversary Show7:06Part 3Procede – Giuseppe Franco
The 10th Anniversary Show15:00Part 3Morris & Ichabod In The Morning
The 10th Anniversary Show16:30Part 3GPS bathroom
The 10th Anniversary Show19:00Part 3Signs It's Time To Clip Your Toenails
The 10th Anniversary Show19:45Part 3Native American-uity vs Ingenuity
The 10th Anniversary Show20:40Part 3Toy-Yoda
The 10th Anniversary Show24:55Part 3TNWST
The 10th Anniversary Show28:30Part 3Hulk Hogan "Here Comes Hulkamania"
The 10th Anniversary Show31:47Part 3Metro Gnome
The 10th Anniversary Show0:00Part 4Matt's Standup: Taxicab wisdom & How to Be A Villian
The 10th Anniversary Show16:15Part 4RONCO Warranty Extender
The 10th Anniversary Show22:35Part 4Food Critic – Commercials (Horton, Oreck Bulemic XXL, Jeep Grand Cher-okee, Seasonal Warewolf Disorder Ware-with-All, Sesame Street Cred Elmo)
The 10th Anniversary Show0:00Part 5Stuffy D Bear
The 10th Anniversary Show13:45Part 5Dr. Keck
The 10th Anniversary Show18:36Part 510 Best Moments of WCJM
The 20/20 Show4:00Part 1RONCO Automatic Dream Machine
The 20/20 Show17:00Part 1The 2,135 Chains of Christmas, Part 1
The 20/20 Show24:25Part 1Garrett Yates "I Can't Believe It's Not"a vacuum cleaner, a relaxation machine
The 20/20 Show34:50Part 1World Report (cartels Catholic Church, Roebuck, Enos Bleathing, Ese questions, Charlie Brown Specials)
The 20/20 Show0:00Part 2TNWST
The 20/20 Show10:45Part 2Ben Case with Useless News: rabbits, carpenter, drive-thru
The 20/20 Show19:12Part 2Improv Skit (landscaping ideas, wrong house, first lines of songs, high school classes, frivolous lawsuits)
The 20/20 Show30:45Part 2The Re-Reincarnation of Celebrity from Beyond the Grave
The 20/20 Show42:30Part 2The 2,135 Chains of Christmas, Part 2
The 20/20 Show44:10Part 2Old-Timey Comedian Names
The 20/20 Show2:55Part 3Matt's Standup: kids, Waterbury
The 20/20 Show16:50Part 3The Food Critic: pina coladas, Taco Bell's Canon, Halls and Oats, public bathrooms, Hasidic foods
The 20/20 Show24:35Part 3RONCO Automatic Copy Machine
The 20/20 Show32:34Part 3Ail-Mints
The 20/20 Show38:19Part 3TNWST
The 20/20 Show43:17Part 3Neugenics
The 20/20 Show45:00Part 3Italian guy giving bigger discount on car
The 20/20 Show1:33Part 4Jim gets early onset dementia
The 20/20 Show9:55Part 4Matt's Standup: body image, misleading headlines, clickbait
The 20/20 Show17:53Part 4Dr. Keck
The 20/20 Show29:25Part 4Stuffy D. Bear
The 20/20 Show30:55Part 4"Rudolph the Bald Giuliani"
The 20/20 Show44:36Part 4The 2,135 Chains of Christmas, Part 3
The 20/20 Show0:00Part 5"Castaways" song – Patches
The 20/20 Show18:40Part 5If things had changed skit – Alternate Reality Radio
The 20th Anniversary Show9:25Part 1TNWST
The 20th Anniversary Show17:50Part 1Matt's Standup: Griffiths, Welsh, Goldfish (2)
The 20th Anniversary Show30:24Part 1Ben Case with Useless News: Update on the cast
The 20th Anniversary Show36:35Part 1Two Chainz – Three Chains
The 20th Anniversary Show2:28Part 2A Very Daley Decade; 15th anniversary bicycle/bike; WCEO
The 20th Anniversary Show12:00Part 2A letter from Drew Kingsley
The 20th Anniversary Show16:00Part 2Garrett Yates "I Can't Believe It's Not…Products" – Shank, Cell Phone, Time Capsule
The 20th Anniversary Show22:48Part 2Matt's Standup: Take care of your coccyx, Bay Blade
The 20th Anniversary Show35:40Part 2World Report: Angles, Walt Clyde Frazier, Wolfman Jack
The 20th Anniversary Show0:40Part 3The Reincarnation of Celebrity Jeopardy from Beyond the Grave: Marlon Brando, Billy Mays/Willie Mays, Edgar Allen Poe/Christopher Walken
The 20th Anniversary Show16:20Part 3Your Pillow, "Back to you, mustache", Flex Seal
The 20th Anniversary Show23:43Part 3Off-Off Broadway skit
The 20th Anniversary Show29:15Part 3Three Chains (2) – 2,135 Chains
The 20th Anniversary Show33:42Part 3Matt's Standup: The M-word, Living on a Prayer
The 20th Anniversary Show5:30Part 4RONCO: Laundering system
The 20th Anniversary Show12:38Part 4TNWST
The 20th Anniversary Show23:49Part 4Jim's Standup: spine flu, bathroom at work ("What is that?"), UTI, gross domestic product, I've got Ghandi for you, vinegar, priests read mass, Cantor Speaker, Bose from Aiwa
The 20th Anniversary Show0:15Part 5Stuffy D. Bear
The 20th Anniversary Show11:50Part 5Dr. Keck: midge on the fridge, Flex Pay, Mex Seal