The Double-Meaning Show

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How many times can Matt say, “Oh my God” in one show? I don’t think Alberto can count that high! This show has now taken a seat next to The Comedy Show as one of the funniest things to come out of WCJM Radio. The format followed this pattern: skit, song, skit, song. This made for songs with double meanings and too many puns to bear! And that’s not a Stuffy pun.

Skits like “The Rascal,” two Dr. K segments, a Spy Convention skit, and Stuffy D. Bear made this show incredibly hilarious. There was also a new character called the Food Critic, played by Jim. This show has great news reports, hilarious sports, and other great reports during the Traffic, News, and Weather segments.

The original cast plus Matt came back for this well rounded show. The songs had trivia after them and there was even an investigation on the Beatles’ “Paul is Dead” hoax. Matt also wrote his Minor Pain Christmastime Hits promo (see below). Jim used his new DJ Machine to provide the music for the skits and the trivia questions, making for a constant beat during the show.

The show started off shaky (as usual), but after a microphone mix up was fixed, the show went off without a hitch. Dave and Chris were actually funny! That’s enough to make anyone want to listen to the show. There was also a pun tournament during the show. Each pun was carefully counted by Alberto, and here is the final list:

  1. Mike- 57
  2. Jim- 44
  3. Matt- 28
  4. Dave- 27
  5. Stuffy (in four minutes!)- 25
  6. Chris- 19
  7. Alberto- 17