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This ground breaking tape of 94.2 Radio- MHITM came from the mind of Chris before Jim and Mike even met him. He had begun this show using the most primitive of equipment, and occasionally featuring members of his family on the show. Jim got into the act when Chris and Jim took part in a class play of the novel “Raisin in the Sun”. Jim had worked the sound for one of the acts of the play, and when mentioned his interest in sound mixing to Chris, he had the idea of visiting a radio station. So Chris and Jim wrote several letters to several radio stations, finally getting a letter back from KISS 95.7 in Hartford, CT. They visited the radio station on August 6, 1998, and had a great time, even controlling the station for a few seconds! They returned to Jim’s house that day with the ambition to make their own radio show. Chris mentioned his earlier work in the “radio business”, and showed Jim and Mike the ropes of producing a show.

The show began with Chris not realizing that the tape had started, giving an “Uh, hello?” to begin the MHITM program. Because of the lack of equipment they had on hand, the trio had to hold one of the two microphones up to the speaker of a CD player! Because they could not talk (they would be heard in the background) they remained silent throughout the whole show (unless they were on the air), making it even more of a challenge to make the radio show work. So, with this show, MHITM was born, giving Chris, Jim, and Mike a chance to do what they loved to do.