The Song for the New Millennium Show

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Part 1: The first part of the show with songs 14-11, traffic, news, and weather, and a millennium poem.

Part 2: The second part of the show with two skits, Ronco, political commentary, and songs 10-7.

Part 3: The third part of the show with Mickey Rooney, Number 6, both Number 5’s (tie), Number 4, and Stuffy D. Bear!

Part 4: The last part of the show with Numbers 3 and 2, the “Keck Korner,” The Number 1 Song, and a millennium poem by the Moody Blues!

Everyone wanted revenge. The Best Song EVER! Show left Chris without a top 5 pick, Dave becoming enraged about not getting to Number 1 with Eye of the Tiger, and Mike and Alberto being robbed with Chris’ lack of taste in music. Jim Fusco, on the other hand, was game for a rematch- and this time, the undisputed, real winner would come out on top.

The voting was done differently for this show. Each member, along with three other guests (including Stuffy D. Bear) ranked each song from 1-15, one being the best. Then, all the numbers for each song were averaged, giving it it’s final average. This made the voting and the results very fair.

(Chris and Jim’s dueling mics)

There were two guests on the show. Matt Griffiths and Jeff Copperthite both made their second Moore Hits in the Morning appearances, adding very much to this show. But there were only six people present at this show. How could that be? There are five cast members and two guests. The answer was the Alberto was very sick that day, and couldn’t make the show. Yet, he was there in spirit and his songs were still given their much deserved respect.

(Stuffy and his new friend, Palumbi!)

This show is the “everything” radio show. The usual features: traffic, news, and weather; Stuffy D. Bear, who introduced his new friend, Palumbi (above); Dr. Keck; and Ronco were on the show, but two skits, political commentary with Matt, and Mickey Rooney’s Garden State Life promo gave the show a BIG comic boost. All these along with 15 great songs and two millennium style poems made this an all-around great show.

So sit back, relax, and listen to the show. See if you can guess which song is Number 1!

HERE ARE THE FINAL VOTES AND RANKS IN ORDER!! But don’t peek if you haven’t heard the show yet!!