The Second Show

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On April 29, 1999, Jim received a sound mixer for his birthday. He was so excited about the possibilities this mixer could have, that he called up Chris to do another radio show. Sometime after his birthday (probably in the summer), Chris, Jim, and Mike took the air once again. This time, Chris brought some of his CDs over, and the three each got to pick their own songs to play.

The content of the show was fine, with Chris’ rendition of “Moron Jeopardy”, (you have to admit you’re a moron to play), but something was very wrong. Jim was using the mixer for pretty much the first time, so his inexperience dragged the quality of the tape down. He had plugged in one microphone and two CD players into the three microphone slots because he did not have the correct wires to hook the CD players up to the “CD In” slots. But, because microphones are only a low level input, and the CD players are high level inputs, the power of the CD players made the levels fluctuate up and down throughout the show. The next problem was that Jim could only be heard! Mike and Chris got their own microphones, but they were hooked up to the karaoke they used. The karaoke’s volume was up all of the way, making Chris and Mike’s microphones seem too loud. So they turned down the levels of the microphones so low, that on the tape they cannot be heard when the music is playing (on very low levels)!

But this didn’t deter them from going onward, for it only was a stepping stone to perfection, which the next tape almost achieved.