The World Series Show

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The Subway Series. Every New York baseball fan’s worst nightmare. Everyone was getting on the World Series bandwagon, so WCJM decided to also. This show came on the night of game 1 of the series, and had the regular cast back of Chris, Jim, Mike, Alberto, and Dave after the 3/5 cast of the Comedy Show.

This is the first MHITM program to be recorded digitally on an MD, and the sound quality is impeccable. All the songs have a theme that intertwines with the World Series. For instance, the Mets’ motto is “You gotta believe”, and the song “I’m a believer” by the Monkees was played.

Probably the most significant part of this show was a tribute done by Dave for the victims of the USS Cole, playing a song in their honor.

But the newest addition to the WCJM family made his first appearance on the show. A little, cute, stuffed bear named Stuffy the Bear. Well, he made a four and a half minute clip and instantly made the whole cast uproar in laughter. Making fun of everyone on the show, it was a non-stop laugh riot that would appear on all future shows. Stuffy has entered the building!