The Best Guitar Riffs Show

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After the greatness of the Best Song EVER! Show, the cast wondered how they would top themselves. If the criteria are music quality and professionalism, then the answer is The Best Guitar Riffs Show. This show held 26 of the best the guitar riff songs ever made, and even had two songs written by the hosts themselves! Guitar riffs, or repeating guitar patterns as you hear in the background, were combined with Chris’s radio personality, Jim ‘s producing power, Mike ‘s color comedy, Alberto’s lasting sense of humor, and Dave’s witty interludes to make this show take over the title of the best MHITM show ever!

The grouped gathered on the day between Good Friday and Easter (April 22, 2000) to have a part Easter celebration, part guitar riff show. The show began with Mike’s famous theme song, and a three-minute clip of the best guitar riffs of all time, as you hear in the background. Then came a shout out to the Parker Farms elementary school homework club, in which each cast member read off a list of names. After that, the show began with Jim passing the hosting reigns on to Chris, allowing him to do the tedious job of producing the show. Right off the bat, they went into a song which also was the first candidate for the best guitar riff of all time. After that the show moved right into the traffic, News, weather, sports, and technology information reports. After this, the show went on with six more songs, and then the ending of the first side.

The second and third sides followed the same format, with a twin spin; traffic, News, and weather; and then a block of songs. The last side however, followed at different format. The last few songs were played, then traffic, News, and weather followed. Then came a dedication to Jim by playing “Birthday” by the Beatles for Jim’s 16th birthday on April 29. After that, Dr. K’s “Where Have All the Midgets Gone” aired, as well as a special song written by Jim about a friend of his on vacation in Germany. The song was to the tune of the Beatles’ song “Back in the USSR”, but was more properly titled, “Back in the Good Ole Deutschland”. These songs gave the cast some time to calculate the average score of each guitar riff. (Throughout to show, each host rated each guitar riff on a scale from one through five, and five being the highest) After the totals were calculated, two songs ended up with a perfect five score. These two songs were then voted on a scale from one through ten. After the recount, one song beat the other by only .4 of a point! To find out what song won, listen to the show!

If I may quote Chris, “We don’t need any of us here, because we’ve got the music.” This is very true when speaking of the Best Guitar Riffs Show because of the pure quality of the music that was showcased in it. The lead-ins to each song sound well thought out, and there are very few times when there is more than one conversation going on. I guess after doing seven prior shows, the cast has now moved into true professionalism. MHITM has now set the standard for its future shows.