The “Millennium Mayhem” Celebration

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After the success of the two Christmas shows, Jim wanted to do another show, and soon. He decided to do a show based on the new millennium, which was coming up only a few weeks after the second Christmas show. The cast reluctantly agreed on a date to hold the show- January 1st, 2000. The time was set only twelve hours after the millennium would hit, meaning that even though the cast would be tired, they would give another show a chance.

But it wasn’t going to be that easy. , a friend of Jim’s, asked him to join the show. This ambition came after he listened to the comedy Christmas tape when Jim and Mike went over Dave’s house. Dave loved the tape and begged Jim to be part of the show. So Jim agreed, and David became the fifth member of the show.

Everyone was fired up for the start the new show and the new millennium at the same time. The songs were chosen for their resemblance to the new millennium, including titles from Jim and Chris’s song libraries. New equipment was being used for the show, including a new Aiwa stereo with a noise reduction tape recorder, and a mini disc player playing all of Jim songs. This new technology made the tape come out better than all the rest (sound quality-wise), but Jim packed the first side with so much music, there was hardly any room for leisure talking. However, on the second side Chris’s songs were played with much more room between them, giving time for each of the hosts to talk. But Chris had to leave near the end of the second side, leaving the four member cast to finish off the tape. Dave begged Jim to produce the final minutes of the tape, and Jim reluctantly agreed. However, this was Dave’s first chance at using the sound mixer, so the levels were off that times, reducing the quality of the final minutes of the tape.

But in the end, this tape showed the spirit of the cast of MHITM because they, after a long night before, had come together to make this tape. Even though Jim’s voice was louder that all the rest, using the headset microphone, the content and music of the tape reflected Jim’s main goal- throwing a millennium party 94.2 Radio style.