The Originals Show

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Six months from the last MHITM broadcast, Jim thought it was time to do another show. Actually, the idea was to do another Christmas show in time for the holidays, but as seen throughout the years, scheduling has been tough.

So, after much debate about whether or not to actually do the show, Chris, Jim, Mike, and Alberto met up to do a four-person show for the first time in almost ten years. The result is a great show that is both memorable and hilarious!

A long skit-writing segment took place, as Jim and Chris worked hard on skits and Mike and Alberto worked on TNWST reports. It got a bit stressful, as you’ll hear Mike and Alberto making of fun of Jim during the show about it.

Chris’ skit about the WCJM Merchandise Store made the cast laugh hysterically about all the fun new products based on past skits and characters. Jim also paid homage to Matt’s Celebrity Jeopardy from Beyond the Grave skit by doing his own. You’ll be surprised at some of the guests!

This is the first WCJM show recorded completely on the computer, as opposed to MiniDiscs or tapes. Thankfully, the recording process went off without a hitch, and the levels came out great.

The Originals Show puts songs by bands while they still had original members alongside the original four cast members of WCJM Radio’s MHITM. This one’s sure to please and keeps the WCJM station alive and well!