The “Live” Show

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Part 1: The first part of the show with “Sail On Sailor” and other great live versions of songs!

Part 2: The second part of the show with yet more songs played in concert!

Part 3: The last part of the show with a special rendition of a Jim Fusco song sung by the cast!

Right after (the same day) the All-American Show, the WCJM cast decided to do the “Live” Show. This show was originally going to be done live on the internet (note the quotes around “Live”) but the cast decided to just put live versions of their favorite songs on the show instead.

The members of the cast were the same as the All-American Show and Jim did his Food Critic and World Report segments as well. Matt contributed his hilarious comedy segments and his special brand of music to add variety to the show.

Stuffy D. Bear came on the show to do another segment, making the cast laugh again and again. The cast even sang one of Jim Fusco’s songs, “Something Is Out Of My Life” live on the air. The song came out very good, despite Dave’s crippling singing ability.

With a great “live” feel to it, this show came out really well and is a classic for those who love concert versions of songs. Oh, and for those who like to laugh, this show is up your alley as well! This show really makes you feel a-“live”!