The Complaining Show

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This show was a reunion for the WCJM cast in 2003. Jim wanted to get the cast back together for one last time before everyone went back to school. Unfortunately, Dave cancelled at the last minute, preventing a complete reunion of the cast. However, a new addition to the show, Becky, joined up with Chris, Jim, Mike, Alberto, Matt, and Jeff for this show.

This show is based on the fact that it seems like all the skits on WCJM are complaining about something! Whether it’s the Food Critic complaining about food, Matt complaining about the world in his stand-up comedy segments, or Dr. K just complaining about his life (and height), the skits always give something to laugh at, so WCJM’s Morning Show decided to make a show completely devoted to complaining.

All the songs on this show are also about complaining. There’s Live’s “What Are We Fighting For?”, the Beach Boys’ “I’m Bugged At My Old Man”, and J Geils Band’s “Love Stinks”, just to name a few. This gave the cast a chance to pick some unique songs and, of course, fit within WCJM’s “Every show has a theme” model.

This show has to be the funniest Morning Show to date because the cast was so comfortable with writing skits and laughing at them, too! Matt’s two Subway skits were perfect in writing and delivery, Jim’s usual World Report and Food Critic segments featured Jim finally working out the “filler” in his act, Jeff gave his funniest Ronco promo ever, and Chris even wrote his own, hilarious, skit with Mike playing Dave! Stuffy D. Bear is the poster bear for complaining and his memorable appearance on this show will go down as one of the edgiest segments ever on a WCJM broadcast. Even though Mike had a lack of material for this show, the laughing between him and Alberto always gave a good background and a good mood!

The Complaining Show is also in stereo, so listen with headphones to hear EVERYTHING that’s said between all seven members of the WCJM team. Enjoy this stupid show- oops, got into the complaining theme a little too much- and be prepared to laugh!