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WCJM Free Internet Radio FAQ:

What does TNWST stand for?

It is a staple of WCJM free Internet radio.  No matter what the theme of the radio station show is, there is always a series of reports on traffic, news, weather, sports, and technology.  These reports are delivered by John Daley, MacGuyver Wilson, Don “the Godfather” Foghorn, Lawrence Muntz, and respectively.  Called TNWST for short, these reports are of course more comedy skit than serious news report, as well they should be – this is a free Internet comedy radio station!

What authority do the WCJM reporters have?

Well, that’s easy – they’re simply the funniest band of reporters available on any radio station, and they’re here for you for free on this free Internet radio station!  John Daley is a traffic genius, obsessed with having complete knowledge of the roads at all times.  MacGuyver Wilson has the same passion for news, reporting on all the comedy that there is in contemporary national and world events.  From his nickname “the Godfather,” you might be able to guess where Don Foghorn’s allegiances lie.  It’s true; he’s the only weather reporter by morning, mobster by night reporter out there and he’s on WCJM free Internet radio.  His skits are among the most action-packed and exciting of the assortment during the TNWST reports.  Lawrence Muntz is continually interrupted by WCJM announcer Josh Sterling, deeply voicing over that, yes, this is “Lawrence Muntz… SPORTS.”  Then, he proceeds to give a sports report that is more parts standup comedy than simple and boring sports report.  Finally, ’s routine is less a standup comedy or skit and more of a serious report on technology and information with a twist that makes for funny radio.

When should I tune in for the TNWST reports?

That’s a great question.  The TNWST reports occur, depending on the length of the show, two to four times during a broadcast.  Every hour or so, these reports are available to keep you in touch with up-to-date comedy, delivered by, among others, your favorite larynx impaired duo of reporters, John Daley and Don Foghorn.