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WCJM Free Internet Radio FAQ:

What should I know going into my first “World Report”?

Introduced each time as, “This is the World Report with myself, Jim ,” this standup comedy skit has become one of the most anticipated routines of each WCJM free Internet radio show.  World Report comedy is more than just a routine, it is a relevant and intriguing weekend update of all there is to know of importance in the world.  No kidding!  The World Report standup comedy is funny and informative at the same time, and you should tune in to WCJM Internet radio if only to make sure you’ve been fully informed by the contemporary media.  Make WCJM your first source!

Why should I listen to the World Report?

If you fancy yourself an informed citizen, then this radio show World Report is a must.  After all, WCJM is devoted to producing the most serious, um… The most accurate… Oh.  Well, the most entertaining segments on radio today – and FREE radio, no less!  Your weekend update should be, as WCJM producer Jim would say, “with myself, Jim !”

What issues and events get covered in the WCJM World Report?

There are literally no boundaries for the World Report “with myself, Jim ” as the host of the comedy skit would say.  Since the advertising show, each WCJM free Internet radio comedy show has been visited by another installment of the World Report, approaching every topic from the Special Olympics to the NAACP to the DMV and much much more!  This is standup comedy at its best, making for relevant, funny radio that distinguishes WCJM Internet radio from the competition and proving yet again that 94.2 Radio really is “The Only Station!”  Jim continues to strive for excellence in comedy show production, making this funny free radio a new standard in the comedy industry.

What is the Fram Fart Filter?

Well, I don’t want to ruin this one for you, so all I can say is that you need to go to the World Report section of the WCJM website and click on the “Stuck in Your Head” show clip.  Let’s just say, if you find flatulence funny in the least, you won’t be disappointed!