The Food Critic


Let’s face it, most restaurant food is terrible! Let the Food Critic rate it for you…in a hilarious fashion!

Pina coladas, Taco Bell’s Canon, Halls and Oats, public bathrooms, Hasidic foods:

Commercials: Horton, Oreck Bulimic XXL, Jeep Grand Cher-okee, Seasonal Werewolf Disorder “Were-with-all”, Sesame Street-Cred Elmo:

KFC, McDonald’s, Diabetes song, Excedrin Tension Buttache, Double-Chin Gum:

Chinese Buffet & Burger King:


Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups:

Harry & David, Supercow, Taco Bell:

Planters, low-fat foods, dolphin tuna, Subway:

FC’s World Report:

Herbs & cereals:

Newtons, Captain Seas, Crisco, McD:

Girl Scout Cookies:

Popcorn, Olive Garden, Chinese Buffet:

Mustard, OJ, seal:

WCJM Free Internet Radio FAQ:

Who is the Food Critic?

This is the WCJM Internet radio producer’s hilarious skit that has become a mainstay of the Moore Hits in the Morning free internet radio show.  Seeing as how this is a comedy radio station, the funny character the Food Critic is unlike any other.  He not only criticizes food, he flat out makes fun of it.  Usually, this comedy skit is delivered as a standup comedy routine about what Jim Fusco finds funny about contemporary issues related to food – new products, restaurants, and endorsement deals are all open to his food criticism.

Why is there a Food Critic on a comedy show?

Well, the Food Critic is not like any normal Food Critic – he’s informative, opinionated AND funny!  It’s an all-around great package and this funny character has taken Moore 94.2 back to the well (and deeper each time!) for food humor.  Just ask Chris Moore who has refrained from laughing out loud on several occasions while attempting (but failing!) to smile widely at the Food Critic’s hilarious observations and statements.

I noticed there’s a skit about Girl Scout cookies… What’s that all about?

As mentioned before, the Food Critic pulls no punches when it comes to delivering his standup comedy.  He pointed out in the “Girl Scout Cookies” skit that, “Everyone loves Girl Scout cookies.  And I mean everyone…”  The Food Critic goes on in this radio show standup skit to describe the diversity of the cookie box covers – white, black, Asian, male, female, short, tall, disabled… All manner of people are represented!  Take a listen to the clip yourself, posted here on WCJM’s free Internet radio station website!