RONCO Promos

Act now- these amazing products won’t last forever!  But, the comedy clips will, so click on the infomercial you’d like to hear below!

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WCJM Free Internet Radio FAQ:

What is the Ronco section all about?

This is a very special section of the WCJM free Internet radio website devoted to the products of one of our favorite infomercial personalities, Ron Popeil.  Jeff hopes you’ll enjoy this hilarious tribute to this funny character and the line of Ronco products that have already provided listeners of WCJM Internet radio with hours worth of laughter – now, that’s a good deal!!

What can I expect from the Ronco comedy skit free radio clips?

There are just so many answers to this question!  After all, Ronco has offered up such amazing and innovative inventions for our buying pleasure as the Ronco Height Adjuster and the Ronco stuffed chicken line.  What use could you, the free Internet radio listener, possibly have for stuffed chickens, you ask?  Well, that’s for Ron to explain!  Just tune in to this 94.2 Radio funny radio show and don’t miss the regularly scheduled Ronco standup comedy segments…

Gee, that’s great, Ron!  What else can I expect from the Ronco comedy clips?

Well, listener, you can expect soooo much more at every turn with the funny characters and skits that Ronco has to offer.  You can certainly expect to hear from regular sidekick and assistant Janice as well as from the goofy announcer about such topics as Ron-Von and the vegetable sorter.  Again, you may be wondering what all these products are, but that’s the beauty of WCJM free Internet radio.  All you need to do is click on any of the products on the Ronco shelf at the WCJM radio station website, sit back, and prepare to be entertained.  Or, even better, click on the morning shows section and listen to all the comedy possibilities that Chris, Jim , Mike , Alberto, Dave, Matt, and Jeff have to offer!

Who is responsible for creating the funny standup comedy of Ronco?

That would be WCJM Internet radio’s own Jeff, a comedy genius in his own right.  He has an instinctive sense for what will be most funny in his Ronco comedy skits, paying careful attention to the creation of his famous disclaimers that conclude each funny radio segment.