Stuffy D. Bear

He’s nasty, he’s opinionated, he’s funny, he’s adorable…it’s Stuffy D. Bear (and Palumbi)!

Listen to ALL of Stuffy’s hilarious appearances in the list below:

World Series Show:

Rock’n’Roll Christmas Show:

Song for the Millennium Show:

Advertising Show:

Double Meaning Show

All-American Show:

Live Show:

Bob Dylan Show:

Stuck in Your Head Show:

Themeless Show:

Complaining Show:

Best Christmas Song Show:

Xmas Vacation Show:

That Was Then, This Is Now Show:

The Originals Show:

10th Anniversary Show:

20th Anniversary Show:

The 20/20 Show:

Reflections on WCJM:


WCJM Free Internet Radio FAQ:

Who is Stuffy D. Bear?

Stuffy D. Bear is practically an official cast member of WCJM free Internet radio.  It’s a bit odd to consider him a guest when he appears on practically every free radio show in Moore 94.2’s catalog.  At the very least, he should be considered a very special guest!

What is Stuffy’s role on the radio shows?

Stuffy D. Bear is one of the kindest, most giving individuals that the WCJM station has to offer.  This funny bear has quickly established himself as one of the most anticipated standup comedy segments of each broadcast.  His comedy skits with WCJM producer Jim Fusco are both funny and entertaining.  Stuffy D. Bear is a bear among bears – a master of comebacks, a friend to Palumbi Bear, and always has something interesting to say about poop.

Did you say “poop”?

Why, yes, poop is very important to Stuffy, and if you visit his section of the WCJM Internet radio website (appropriately titled Stuffy’s cave), you’ll find that it is practically a website of its own.  Back to the poop question, let’s just say, if you move Palumbi Bear (who is sitting on the bed), you’ll find an unpleasant surprise!

What does Stuffy have to say about poop?

I wouldn’t pretend to be able to speak for Stuffy D. Bear, but his words have all been captured on the radio shows, which are all available through the “Moore Hits in the Morning” link at the center of the WCJM free Internet radio website.  Of course, if that still isn’t enough Stuffy to satisfy your hunger for Groucho Marx-like humor, then you should check out his comedy blog in his cave.  The Stuffy blog is the most direct form of communication – straight from his computer to yours!

Can I contact the Ole Stuffer?

Stuffy D. Bear may be very busy, but he is available for contact through Stuffy’s blog.  Just click on his laptop in Stuffy’s cave and follow the blog directions for leaving comments.  You can also gaze upon Stuffy’s magnificent appearance by clicking on his photo gallery.  You won’t be disappointed by the modest good looks of this stuffed bear, this comedy bear!