Matt’s Stand-up Comedy



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The All-American Show:

Santa Article:

Song for the Millennium Show:

The All-American Show:

Santa Article:

Song for the Millennium Show:

The Themeless Show: 

Subway-Related Standup:

Name That Sub!

You Might Be A Sandwich Artist:

Best Buy-Related Standup:

Frank the Mime:

Best Buy Anecdote Corner & Best Buy Summer Blockbusters:

Killingworth, Motorcycle Waives, Goldfish:

Taxicab Wisdom & Evil List:

Griffiths, Welsh, Goldfish (2):

Take care of your coccyx, Bay Blade:

The M-word, Living on a Prayer:

Kids, Waterbury:

Body image, Misleading headlines, Clickbait:

WCJM Free Internet Radio FAQ:

What are Matt’s standup clips?

Matt’s standup routine is one of the cornerstones of WCJM free Internet radio.  This hilarious standup is the comedy contribution that radio show personality Matt Griffiths makes to each Moore Hits in the Morning radio show.  His comedy skits have ranged from his early work on the All-American Show to his recent skits at the expense of retail stores and other corporate businesses such as the “Best Buy-Related Standup” and “You Might Be A Sandwich Artist” standup clip segments.  Now, the best of Matt’s standup clips are available on the WCJM internet radio website by simply clicking on the title of the skit you want to listen to.

Is Matt a funny character?

Well, Matt is certainly a “funny character” and no one can deny that—not producer Jim Fusco, host Chris Moore, or Mike Fusco, all-around funny guy in his own right.  However, Matt Griffiths is a real person with a penchant for funny radio segments.  He also voices several different regular characters during other radio show skits over the years.  In fact, when Matt first joined the original Moore 94.2 lineup of Chris, Jim, Mike, Alberto Distefano, and Dave Perrelli, he quickly made his name through his standup comedy and funny characters.

Who is Frank the Mime?

Frankie da Mime?  Who wants to know?  This is one of Matt’s most hilarious standup clips.  It was such a hit skit that he took it on the road, performing this classic WCJM free internet radio comedy skit for a crowd at the SCSU Talent Show, which he also hosted.  Frank is one of his most funny characters.

What is next for Matt Griffiths?

There is no end in sight to the hilarious standup that Matt brings to the recording table.  As long as he is working, going to school, or watching late-night infomercials, there will be plenty of material for Matt’s standup and the standup clips will be available on the site just as soon as they become available!