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WCJM is the best place for hilarious take-offs of your favorite products, promos, and commercials- hear them all by clicking on their ads below!

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WCJM Free Internet Radio FAQ:

What is the Catalog of Products and Promos and why would a free Internet radio station have one?

Well, it’s simply a fact that WCJM Internet radio has put together an impressively large and varied arsenal of standup comedy routines and comedy skits with funny characters.  So large, in fact, that it can be confusing to keep it all straight.  Thus, the WCJM radio station website has this catalog of products and promos that provides images and clips of all the various offerings from WCJM radio!

What can I expect from this set of comedy skits and standup comedy?

These are the hilarious tributes and tips of the hat to the radio show cast’s favorite personalities and products.  You really can’t expect anything from these comedy skits… other than the inevitable fact that you will be holding your sides and laughing uncontrollably!

What are some of the products and promos I can expect?

Who could forget the DirectTV testimonials from such famous personalities as Jerry Seinfeld, Christopher Walken, and – yes! – Jim Ross?  Of course, the products like crime-away and the Acura WCX would be funny enough on their own, but the WCJM free Internet radio cast isn’t content with “funny enough.”  So, they’ve pumped their promos full of dialogue with such great personalities as Mickey Rooney and, of course, Howard Cosell and Jason Alexander in the hit movie “Castor-Away.”

Is there one established announcer for these products and promos?

This is one of the greatest things about WCJM free Internet radio – you never know what role the various cast members are going to play.  One show, for instance, Chris might play a manly, deep-voiced announcer for the comedy radio station.  The next, he is playing the part of a little girl in yet another hilarious free radio comedy skit.  These products and promos, collected on the WCJM website, offer up a variety that can only be organized through this catalog.  There are simply too many funny free radio clips to pass up – listen today!