The Comedy Christmas Jam

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Part 1: he first section with the Charlie Brown Christmas song and Traffic, News and Weather.

Part 2: The second section with Judy Garland and more great classic Christmas songs!

Part 3: The third part with the Twelve Days of Christmas and the Night Before Christmas.

Part 4: The last part of the show with a special host sung song- The 5 Greatest Inventions of the Millennium!!!

Exactly two weeks after the first Christmas tape, Chris, Jim, and Alberto assembled at Jim’s house after school on December 10, 1999. This would turn out to be the last show of the millennium, and it was another Christmas show. This one, however, had Chris’ comedy Christmas music mixed with the classics from various television specials. They dedicated this tape to Mr. Hill, Jim’s math teacher, with hopes of playing it in front of the class. It never happened. Mr. Hill did make a copy of the tape, and with the fun they had making it, it certainly wasn’t a wasted effort.

But there was trouble beginning the tape. The hookups were wrong, and Jim spent a lot of precious time setting up for the show and making everything work. The show finally started a while after Mike returned home from school, which was much later than expected, but the show went on without a hitch. There is some feedback on the tape, and Jim sounds a little disgusted in the beginning (from all the work he had to do to fix the connections), but the rest of the show was great.

The cast then did something they hadn’t done before on the air. They sang two songs on the tape- White Christmas, and their own 5 greatest and other inventions of the millennium song written by Jim (in the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas). The songs came out surprisingly well (considering their singing “ability”) but Jim wasn’t so hopeful. He jokingly stated that, “We’re basically making fun of ourselves”, but was proven wrong by the creativity of Chris singing the lead of White Christmas.

The time was very tight, as Chris had to go to his sister’s basketball game, but Chris stalled for time, and the tape was finished. It shows how the cast can turn any event into a hilarious one!