The 20th Anniversary Show

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Still smiling after all these years!

Saturday, December 29th, 2018 was the date for an improbable occurrence: the 20th Anniversary radio show (is it called a “podcast” now?) for WCJM Radio. The cast had not gotten together since the 10th anniversary show (obviously, ten years earlier) but the fact that 20 years had gone by since the first was reason-enough for the entire cast of Chris, Jim, Mike, Alberto, Dave, Matt and Jeff to assemble for another show.

The show went off without a hitch- the setup wasn’t easy after not recording for ten years, but the skits and flow of the show was still second-nature after all that time. The show started with an epic “best of” clip that featured over 100 lines from skits and comedy routines peppered throughout the over 30 Morning Shows.

The cast decided to do a Christmas-song themed show to give the show that “every year” playability. The fact that this is the cast’s sixth Christmas show had nothing to do with it…

All of the usual characters and segments were back for this show: three Matt’s Standup segments, The Reincarnation of Celebrity Jeopardy from Beyond the Grave, TNWST, Stuffy D. Bear, Ben Case, RONCO, I Can’t Believe It’s Not…Products, Dr. K, and The World Report. There were also segments devoted to a couple of new characters and skits (3Chains, the promo for Your Pillow, an Off-Broadway skit, and a skit devoted to John Daley’s life since the last show).

Matt hard at work making the cast laugh!

The mood of the event was very lively and happy- everyone was so excited to be back doing another show and to catch up with everyone. The best part is that the show, other than the first few minutes, doesn’t feel like a reminiscing type of rehash. The show sounds like no time has passed between shows (it actually sounds a lot like the Christmas Vacation show from 2006) and became an instant classic. It speaks to the love of WCJM and how much each cast member truly enjoys being part of this exclusive group. Here’s to 20 years of WCJM and many more!