The Bob Dylan Show

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Jim and Chris got together to do a show with a very specific theme. Bob Dylan is Chris’ favorite artist, but Jim tends to like the Bob Dylan songs that he wrote, but other people performed! After a little looking, Jim and Chris noticed that there a TON of Dylan songs covered by other bands. So, they decided to do a whole show dedicated to the Bob Dylan songs that other people made famous.

This show is very unique because it features long-forgotten cameo appearances by Jeff and Mike, plus a great Stuffy D. Bear segment! Jim and Chris couldn’t decide if this was a “Jammin’ with Jim” or a “Chris Show” broadcast, so they decided to make it both! Or, as they call it, the “Jammin’ with Chris” and the “Jim Show.”

Whatever the title, this show actually proves that Chris may have some taste in music. Dylan is a great songwriter, but his singing and style of music may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But, with songs from the Turtles, the Beach Boys, and Jimi Hendrix, this show will prove that Dylan’s songs are much more than meaningless words put to a high-flying Minnesota accented-voice and an acoustic guitar.