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WCJM Free Internet Radio FAQ:

Who is Chris Moore?

Chris Moore is the official host of the WCJM free Internet radio station’s flagship show, Moore Hits in the Morning.  His contribution to Moore 94.2 is in helping Jim wherever possible to organize the schedule and then to help keep the show on track over the hours that it takes place, cueing the other personalities like Alberto Distefano, Dave Perrelli, and Jeff Copperthite when they’ll be up or what song will be played next.  This comedy radio is nothing if not funny, but also well-organized.

Is it true that Chris Moore is the least funny of the cast?

While this is most often the case, Chris has introduced some funny characters and skits over the years.  He loves contributing to WCJM free Internet radio so much that he decided to start his own spin-off show entitled, very creatively, “The Chris Moore Show!”  His show tends to have fewer skits, standup comedy, and funny characters and more realistic radio station fare, such as great songs and traffic, news, sports, and weather reports.

What is Chris’ favorite comedy skit or standup comedy routine?

Chris is a big fan of the “Stupid Crooks of America” segments he modeled off his favorite radio show he listened to as a young man – Kiss in the Morning on WKSS 95.7.  The Chris Moore Show has regularly featured this funny standup comedy skit that produces funny radio at the expense of, well, stupid crooks!

Which Moore 94.2 show is Chris’ best?

Chris’ best show is probably “The Bob Dylan Show” on which he collaborated with WCJM free Internet radio producer Jim Fusco.  With Jim onboard, this comedy show was at its peak, a great funny radio (and free radio!) show.

Have other WCJM characters and cast members guest starred?

Thus far, Alberto Distefano, John Daley, Don Foghorn, and MacGuyver Wilson have made appearances on Chris’ solo show.  When producer Jim Fusco visited, it was more of a WCJM free Internet radio collaboration than a guest starring appearance.