The Song for the Millennium Pre-Show

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Part 1: The first part of the show with music from the Beach Boys and Aerosmith.

Part 2: The second part of the show with Eric Clapton, U2, and the Eagles.

Part 3: The third part of the show with traffic, news, and weather, Ringo Starr, and Hall and Oates.

Part 4: The last part of the show with U2 and Jimi Hendrix.

It is really hard to pick your top three songs of all time. What songs? How to whittle them down to three? Well, Chris Moore decided to give the “runners up” a show of their own. He also had a special guest help him with this show. Alberto Distefano was his co-host, making it a brand new combo of people on a radio show.

This show actually showcased Alberto’s speaking abilities! Yes, you read that right, Alberto actually talks a lot on this show! If that doesn’t make you want to listen to it, I don’t know what will.

This show has songs from the sixties to the nineties, showing what Chris Moore’s taste in music (if there is such a thing) really is. So sit back and enjoy- this show will pump you up for the Song of the Millennium Show!